10 STEPS to get Tons of Free Traffic from Google

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If you want to get free traffic to your website, you must think always about SEO, in this video, we will cover on page SEO in-depth and I will show you step by step how to optimize your blog post to rank on top of Google.

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Video Outline:
My Results 0:00
STEP-1 Focus Keyword 3:44
STEP-2 H1 Tag 6:47
STEP-3 Subheading Optimization 7:32
STEP-4 Focus Keyword Frequency 8:05
STEP-5 Linking 8:54
STEP-6 Optimize The Title 10:17
STEP-7 Install SEO Plugin 13:28
STEP-8 Slug 16:14
STEP-9 Optimizing Graphics 17:03
STEP-10 Publish 20:48
Featured Image 23:46

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