10 Traffic Sources: Free Press Release Distribution

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Today you will discover how to drive website traffic from news and media organisations like Google News and other high traffic platforms.

So here are ten free press release distribution services, plus I’ll show you how to write a press release in seven easy steps.

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How to write a press release in 7 easy steps.

Step 1: Add the words “For Immediate Release” to the top of your press release. This tells journalists they should run with the story immediately. Also include your contact information near the top.

Step 2: Use the headline and sub-headline to summarize the story.
Keep your headline short and snappy. It has to be interesting. Journalists see dozens of press releases everyday, and yours has to stand out.

Step 3: Add your location and news-peg to the opening paragraph. Think of the news-peg as a hook. It’s going to pull the journalist into your story.

Step 4: Write two or three paragraphs. Keep your story short and to the point. And focus on the who, what, when, where, and why.

Step 5: Use bullet points. Especially for facts and figures.

Step 6: Add your company description to the bottom of your press release.

Step 7: Add three hash signs, or pound signs, at the end of your press release. This tells the journalist that your press release has ended.

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