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Get the traffic sources I’ve never revealed: https://profitcopilot.com/traffic

This website gets a massive 15 million visitors a month and it lets you upload your content, build an audience and link to your website.

It’s a powerful alternative to Youtube and even if you’re not using video marketing yet, I’ll show you a simple way to get traffic from this website.

The platform is called BitChute.com and it’s a pro free-speech network that was build a way to preserve freedom of thought.

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Ussef El m says:

Tanks Brother

Ronald Edwards says:

I signed up, but they want a monthly $ubscription to create a channel

Vibhor Naryani says:

Can I promote my product video in this website?

Commercial Forest says:

Thank for the lead Mick! Also, I keep meaning to tell you that I like your new sea 🌊 side background. It shows well on video and the glass filters the light perfectly.

Jason Duckworth says:

Youtube are censoring too many people and they are all going over to Bitchute 🙂

Suhail Rizvi says:

As usual informatic video for all bloggers who are struggling to drive traffic thanks Mike for sharing these kind of information

Private says:

Love your videos. great work. Question : How can i realistically be present on all these driving traffic websites.? whats the minimum engagement should i have on each one of them from your past videos also?

Dream Imagine Create says:


Steven Smith says:

Thanks a lot my friend. Bitchute has great potential!

Alston Godbolt says:

You could also use a site like content Samurai and load blog posts and emails and it will auto generate videos and voice overs. While it isn’t perfect, it can work well

Sami Fab says:

Super Find Mick! Thank you for the clever strategy for those not into video and that other free tool you revealed.

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