40,000,000 Visitors: Secret Traffic Method

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How I got 30,000 visitors a day:


How Charles retired in 180 days:

Here is a secret untapped traffic method that nobody else is willing to share.

Mick Meaney, profitcopilot.com, and today I will share a free app that has a massive 40 million users.

And if you like the sound of that, I think you will love the free traffic strategies I have for you at the end of this video.

Now, today’s traffic method works in a similar way to WhatsApp but on this platform, groups can have a thousand members, instead of 256.

And I’ll show you two ways to use this for traffic generation.







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Sokha Moeun says:

Are these traffic safe for adsense?

Randomly says:

What's the Difference between Discord and Signal?

Rick Ellwood says:

You are without doubt the traffic oricle

Bento 23 says:

Maravilhoso seus vídeos

Bento 23 says:

Se eu ativar as notificações receberei sempre vídeos seus? Ótima qualidade

pizzatherapy says:

Totally awesome!

Funny Animal channel says:

Thanks for email notification

arabcarsgt says:

Love your videos mike

Front Page says:

Hi, is it a must we have a website before we learn about this your traffic secret?

healthy lifestlye says:

Good video. How to utilise it to it maximum

Fauziah Myy says:

How can I get traffic from Asia i.e. Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, etc

KenSDCA says:

Hi, Mick, great get, thanks! The tricksfly and thetechonly sites sure seem like they are mostly pointing to sketchy social and entertainment groups.

Firoz Khan says:

Great information sir thanks


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