44 Million Visitors: Traffic Sources To Promote Affiliate Links

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Here are two free traffic sources that have a combined reach of 44 million visitors a month that can be used to promote affiliate links.

The first way is with a microblogging website that will let you post links directly to your content. And the second way is to repurpose your existing content so it can reach a wider audience.

This means in addition to traffic, you can also use this for lead gen and sales.

Now, if you are serious about driving as much traffic as possible, I think you will love the free 4-day traffic-intensive course I have for you at the end of this video.

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jammingalways says:

Do you have to have a Twitter to use the share button? 🙂 THANKS!

Tshepo Morulane says:

Thanks Mick for these sources. Just wanna know if these are do follow links?

Haircare tips says:

Hi! I tried Plurk but I can't post my link. When I hit the button 'plurk' it says immediately: rate-limit-exceeds and I can't post my message… Can you please help me? How can I make this work?

HelpEdu4u says:

Nice explanation mick as always 👍 that's why I Watch your channel video you are the only one n internet which I feel is honest and I follow you from 4 year – Gagan Bhatnagar,India

Robert Seaman says:

Thanks, Mick..Very useful traffic sources which I will try.

Chaminda Dissanayaka says:

Thanks Micky

Firoz Khan says:

Sir please tell us the top FACEBOOK pages with millions of followers?

Firoz Khan says:

Thanks sir good information

Arlene Siruma says:

Hi, where to find targeted audience?

frank chidera says:

I just love Mike.

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