44 Million Visitors: Traffic Sources To Promote Affiliate Links

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Here are two free traffic sources that have a combined reach of 44 million visitors every month, mcmaney here profitcopilot.com and today you will discover two ways to get traffic from your existing content.

Now the first way is with a micro blogging website that will let you post links directly to your content and then the second way is to repurpose your existing content, so it can reach a wider audience now.

Free website traffic

This means, in addition to traffic. You can also use this for lead gen and for sales. Now listen. If you are serious about driving as much traffic as possible, i think you will love the free four day.

Traffic intensive course that i have for you at the end of this video okay. So let’s go ahead and take a look at the stats of both of these websites, so you can decide for yourself if they are the right match for you and your business.

So the first platform is called clerk and it gets over nine million visits every month. Consistently and if we take a look at where this traffic is coming from, we can see that taiwan, united states, hong kong, australia, canada feature in the top five countries.

So if you want traffic from any of these locations, this could be the website for you. So let’s go ahead and take a look at plurk.com. This is probably one of the easiest traffic sources. I’Ve ever featured on my videos, i’ll show you how to use it.

It is so simple if you don’t have an account. Go ahead register your one right now. It is free to use, but i’m gonna go ahead and sign into mine when you sign in you’ll be greeted with a dashboard that looks something like this now.

This contains your most recent perks or shares now to add content here. All you have to do is go down to this form at the bottom and paste in a link to your content. So if i paste in a link to reddit traffic on the profit copilot website here, you’ll see that it’s generating a little preview.

So it’s bringing in the headline and the thumbnail now i can decide how i want to label this. So i can say i love this piece of content or i like this piece of content, or maybe i’m selling something i’ll leave it up to you to decide which one you go for and then all you have to do is hit plug to make this go Into the system now one thing i should point out here is we have these options at the bottom, for example, if we want to add emoticons, we can do that.

We can share media as well, so we can upload videos and images, but as marketers, what we’re really interested in is getting the widest reach to our content. So clerk to other networks might be of interest to you.

If we click on this plug to other networks, we can also share this piece of content to twitter, so that is going to save you time cross posting to other platforms. We can also set polls and we have privacy options now.

I strongly recommend that you leave this set to the whole world. That is because we want the maximum number of people possible to see your link and click through. So, let’s clear that a second let me show you another way to use this, because this is really how you’re going to get traffic to your links.

So we have this search bar here. If someone is searching for content relevant to health, they’ll simply put in the keywords here and now it will bring back a bunch of content relevant to that keyword, and we can see that 29 minutes ago.

This person posted a link to a website. If we scroll down here an hour ago, a couple of links posted there, so we can see that it is pretty active and let’s test how quickly content is indexed here. So let’s take one of the keywords that i used.

Let’S say: reddit, i’m going to type in the keyword here. Just read it nothing else, nothing too fancy just the main keyword and let’s see what happens and they’re right at the very top five minutes ago.

We can see that i posted how to get traffic from reddit, so hopefully you can see just how powerful plug is for traffic generation. Let’S move on to the next one. The next is called issue.com, so it’s spelt kinda, weird it’s issue.

com and it consistently gets over 30 million visitors a month. If we want to see where that traffic is coming from well united states, mexico, united kingdom, brazil and italy feature in the top five countries there, and the website looks like this.

So it brands itself as publishing for the creative generation join millions of content creators and transform your pdfs into seo friendly embeddable, flipbooks social stories, email, graphics and more so do take the time to explore the landing page.

Make sure that it feels right for you and your business if it does then go ahead and sign up for a free account. The basic plan is free and you can publish unlimited documents. There are other options available, but i don’t use any of the paid plans.

I only use a free plan and i’ve been using this for a number of years, so i’m very happy with the results that it can generate so just to reaffirm you do not need to pay to use this platform. If you like, the look of things go ahead and log in and then you will be greeted with a dashboard that looks like this.

So the first thing asks you to do is upload a document, so it accepts a wide range of documents there. So it accepts pdfs, you can also upload powerpoint presentations and, if you’re stuck on how to put these together, it gives you three handy templates that you can use.

So you can download a book template a magazine, template or a portfolio template. So, let’s take a look at the magazine template this could be a good starting point if you just want to publish a few articles pretty quickly.

So, for example, i can go through my website. Let’S say i go to a category on my website called affiliate marketing. I can go there and take all of these articles or a handful of these articles, put them into a pdf document and then upload them to this platform.

Now the great thing with pdf documents is, we can include links, so obviously we can link to websites and articles, but we can also link to landing pages and sales pages. We can also include affiliate links as well, so this really is a good way to get the word out about your projects or drive conversions.

Now, let me talk you through some of the options on the left hand side. So we have publications when you upload a pdf document or a powerpoint presentation and publish it’s going to be listed here under publications, but this is something that is relatively new to the platform.

So it’s article stories. If we click on that, we can now create a new story and we can pull pages from the pdf documents that we’ve uploaded. So i might want to pull this one in and make changes directly to this document, and then that will be republished as an article.

We also have some other options here: visual stories and statistics now sales. I think this could be a premium option yeah, but listen. You can sell directly through your pdfs, so you don’t need to upgrade for a premium plan.

Now. How do people find your documents? Okay, here we have a search bar here. If we type in something like health, we now have a whole bunch of pdf documents to choose from, but we can change the results.

So if we want to go for the most recent, we can click that to date and there we can see that this one was published four days ago. Then, five days ago, two days ago, eight days ago, 11 days ago, fairly recent content being published here.

So, if you’re publishing on a regular basis, this could be a good option for you to repurpose your blog posts or your your content, or your powerpoint, slides or your videos and then get the maximum amount of traffic from that content.

Okay, there is one more thing that i want you to see. If we go back to the dashboard, we have this collaborate option. If we click on that, we can now team up and work with other people to create giant projects that is incredibly powerful.

If you want to leverage traffic from people in your niche, so this is a good way to network and both benefit from the power that this website has to offer. But the really important thing is no matter what type of marketing strategy you deploy.

You have to be consistent because when you are consistent, you can achieve amazing results. Take a look at what matt has achieved he’s my student and he has made over 2 million dollars using my traffic methods.

So if you want to know the secret – and you are serious about growing – a popular and profitable internet business, of course you need more traffic because traffic equals money. So i will give you the secret traffic strategies that i never share on youtube or anywhere else for free when you go to profitcopilot.

com traffic click, the link in the description or the thumbnail on screen. Now, and hopefully i will see you again very soon. Thank you for watching take care.



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