7 Best Traffic Sources For 2022 (4 Billion Visitors)

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These are my 7 best traffic sources for right now, today, and the year ahead. See how I got 30,000 visitors a day: https://profitcopilot.com/traffic

And make full time passive income: https://profitcopilot.com/180

Combined these traffic sources have a jaw-dropping reach of more than 4 BILLION website visitors every single month.

The thing is, the ONLY THING that will make these 7 traffic sources work for you, is relevancy. You need to truly understand your target audience. So before I share the traffic sources, you need to make sure that your message matches your market’s level of sophistication. It’s called the message to market match. And it is essential to success.

Now, what that really means is, you need to understand WHERE your target website visitors are, right now, on their customer journey, and then create marketing material that speaks directly to THEM.

You see, we can get all the traffic in the world, but unless it converts into revenue, there’s no point. So if you’re currently not getting the kind of traffic that you want, it’s probably because the message to market match is slightly wrong. But it’s easy to fix.

So if you want me to create a separate video explaining the 5 levels of market sophistication and how to use them to drive traffic and sales, let me know in the comments.

Because once you understand the needs of your customers, driving traffic becomes a whole lot easier. Instead of being perceived as ‘spam’, your links are welcomed and even shared by your peers.

Instead of being a pest that gets banned, you become a respected and valued member of the community.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at my 7 best traffic sources for the year ahead.

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Destiny Emeka Isaac says:

Yes please do a video

Sokunthy Keovatanak says:

Thank you so much for you that share the most powerful free traffic. May God bless You and Your Family all seconds!

Kasraoui med hedi says:

Man! What u provide in ur videos worth hundreds of dollars course! Thanks for this traffic sources!

Julie Strietelmeier says:

You mention using a VA (virtual assistant). Can you talk a little bit about that?

abideen Ola says:

great mick, you are doing awesome job.
please , do the video

Lana Miro says:

thanks a lot for sharing tips 🙂

Vijaykumar Jog says:

There is an option on Facebook to enter the website name. I entered the website on Facebook and I got a problem with my account, why this happened. ( I hate facebook)

Jessie Haag says:

Thanks Mich, love following your content and traffic suggestions!

KenSDCA says:

Good ones, Mick! You're right about reddit. I shared a video that perfectly answered a question. I had no relationship to the link, no money for me, nothing other than wanting to be helpful, and got kicked out permanently!! Even staying within the lines can get you banned.

Bill Reinicke says:

Yes Mick, do a video on the 5 levels of the customer journey. Please and thank you .

Rickard Österholm says:

Great content, as always, Mick! You shared some gold nuggets in this video. Keep up the good work! I will definitely put some of them in my toolbox, and start using them.

Sami Fab says:

Excellent round up Mick. Each one a real gem. Thank you sir.

Jim Caffrey says:

OK make the Vid bro

sum1likeno1 says:

Great content as always!

Quick question. How often should I post per traffic source?

Paul Greblick says:

I would love the 5 levels of sophistication video.

(You're amazing…)


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