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This free traffic app will drive LOTS of targeted traffic to your website.

It’s easy to use, and it’s designed for content creations like me and you.

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Profit Copilot says:

Get organic traffic for free: 

Top shopin says:

Hi Mick

can clickbank affiliate marketing use this software?

chitvan rautela says:

Can i use it in blogspot website .
Please reply .

FdKart says:

Definitely will try

Hiru Thisha says:

Sorry there is no option to add my site

Anointed One says:

How do I access a Shopify RSS feed?

Chaminda Dissanayaka says:

Thanks. how to do that ? already have but do not have above your lesson to start page for '' adding web site''

charles braunersrither says:

can i use a lead capcher page on news 360

Teeko Beauty Products says:

Tons of thanks to you Mick. You are a legend. This is what I have been looking for all this while.


Thank You Mick I check it out


i cant see where to add website it just took me to main page to read news i think you need to show this step by step thanks

Anthony mangabat says:

Very informative sir from philippines

Sami Fab says:

Mick – YOU sir are a traffic giant! Thank you.

Paisatool says:

Superb!! Mick

Peter Rose says:

Can you use LandingPage sites or advertorials etc promoting CPA products using this sytem?
Thanks for the excellent info you put out Mick.

Jief Kong says:

Many Thanks , Mick.

Reginaldo Sacaunha says:

this traffic iss organic possible use from google adsense?

CheeryGiggles says:

How do you add videos to that platform?

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