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Do you want to know how to avoid penalties and instead get tons of traffic to your site? In this video, you’re going to learn the best ratio of the informational and commercial content on your website.


What we’ll cover:
00:00 Introduction
00:34 December 2020 Update
03:31 Creating Informational Content
06:48 Average Ratio
08:06 Breakdown by Niche

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December 2020 Core Update Analysis:
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Lilith Dread says:

Amazing as always.

Adrian Danila says:

Great work Matt. Nice data, amazing video.

Mohammad Ahmad Faruqi says:

Hi Matt, I'm finding out that as I'm publishing informational content on my website, I'm losing tracked keywords on Ahrefs. My website firstly had a lot of commercial content apprx. 80%, now it has 60% of that. But why is this problem occurring?

M Muaz says:

Youtube is full of fake gurus, Matt is not one of them

Alisher is the name says:

Soo, I assume my website lays in beauty, health and medicine niches, so 75/25 is my ratio. Thanks

Muhammed Seitz says:

Great content as always Matt, and I'm always smashing the like button 👍

Do News says:

Matt I DeRank After 15 To 18 Hours And Compiteter Rank For All Time

But They Reindex

Can Reindex Hurt Ranking

I also Use Article Schema

And how I can Manage/Update Post For Topical Authority

Michael J. McGovern says:

consider the like button smashed – thanks for the helpful info

Morshed Alam says:

Excellent findings. Thanks so much! Quick question. Is there any way to strategically convert the blog post with commercial content into informational content? For instance, if 'Best laptops for Librarian' is a commercial intent keyword, would changing the title and introduction (where the 'best' isn't used) might be able to make it seem more informational (for example, 'What laptops are suitable for a librarian and why?).

Mark Marino says:

This is awesome – great video and data! I think yes, but are informational posts that include an affiliate link still considered informational content?

Marc-Andre Lafleur says:

Matt you are a genius! Just some feedback, the audio is a bit overprocessed in your video which makes it less intelligible. Might want to pass this feedback to the person editing the audio. Thanks for all your amazing content!

👋 Yerain Abreu says:

Matt’s always got the bangers. 🤙

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