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The dream of finding something of great value in your attic or basement draws a lot of folks to get items appraised! This fun appraisal fair (in concert with the Newburgh Antique Show) goes beyond just pricing the items to uncover forgotten heirlooms and their stories.

Whether people brought reseller auction finds, family keepsakes, collected antiques or vintage stuff they still use around the house, we seek hidden values and long-lost connections. These verbal valuations of antique and vintage objects into special moments that we get to share here with collectors and resellers alike!

We look for (and share) clues to help anyone faced with valuing, preserving and/or selling certain kinds of items…do we split up the dishes, sell the stamps as a collection or leave that backing on that print?

We also give people a lot of good news…a reseller’s $2 box lot of slides may be worth $1500, an Italian chandelier left in a house might pay the first mortgage payment, and a variety of objects build a testimony to human resilience and the ultimate victory of right over might.


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Whether you need a “verbal approximation of value” or a “formal written appraisal,” I can do it all—in person or remotely.
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