AMAZING DIY HOUSE FLIP – $90,000 in profit!

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Complete DIY House Flip from start to finish. Join us a we break down our last flip from start to finish.

By doing the majority of the work ourselves we are able to maximize on profit. Stay tuned until the end of the video where we will be announcing our next project.

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Small Bathroom Remodel: You won’t believe the transformation!

0:00 Intro House Flip
2:15 First Look/Before
2:36 Interior Layout
5:22 New Roof & Windows
6:16 Painting the House
7:02 Teardown/Demo
9:18 Kitchen Before & After
12:27 Bathroom Before & After
13:00 Bathroom Conversion
15:00 House Flip Cost Breakdown

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Bluze says:

Just found this channel! So glad I did, one thing I would've done (nothing crazy) is pressure washed the brick before painting the exterior. Way better than the TV shows!

EDIT: You did! Lol sorry

Marianne Jassar says:

Just WOW!!! I'm a new subscriber👍

David F says:

Open concept is overrated. Nice to close the kitchen door and enjoy a meal in a clean dining room without having to look at the mess in the kitchen.


You are so much better than the Austin Flipsters. At least your designs aren’t exactly the same in each house. And so much more to the point and not full of dry jokes!!!!

tahuaroa says:

great video, excellent house renovation!!! & i loved the music you used during the presentation!!! i’m totally
gonna try & find you on insta 🙂🇳🇿

Neil T says:

It is cheaper but never faster to do all the work yourself.

Paulo Pimpao says:

As a contractor and flipper myself, AMAZING JOB 🙂 You make a great team and the project was beautiful. Subbed 🙂

tom snegirev says:

How do you guys find your properties?

The Backyard Builder (Geoff McClary) says:

this video is so well made and so well edited! well done!!!!

David Hennebach says:

ya'll got a new sub. This was great! Felt like I was watching the better end of HGTV. Also, a gorgeous job!

That boi Yogi says:

I thought the dude was nadeshot 😂

How To DIY & Save A Dime says:

I LOVE THE ENERGY U BOTH PUT IN TO KEEP THESE VIDEO ENTERTAINING WHILE SHARING THE JOURNEY. I'm excited for my 2nd Renovation. I purchased a fixer upper. I'm documenting the journey. I love seeing others do the same!! U guys #Rawk

Bobby Harper says:

wife thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

Lottyhanz Familyties says:

What permits or licenses do you need when flipping and renovating yourself??

Jinni says:

This video was so good!!! You guys are hilarious 🤣 absolutely loved the colors chosen for the house!!!

eliteaudio86 says:

This monochromatic color trend needs to end…

Josh Carpenter says:

Someone explain to me the difference of having ur own business in this field or just buying and selling homes on ur own

jacob brizuela says:

Awesom Video you guys! thanks for sharing it

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