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Content creation is difficult. It takes time, and it’s expensive. So imagine if you could automate it all, and have tons of content made by just clicking a button. Blog posts, emails, social media updates, adverts, and landing page copy.

It would be like having a team of content marketers at your fingertips, right?

Now, what if all that content was proven to convert, took seconds to create, and was cheap to make? Owning a tool like this is kind of a no-brainer, right?

Welcome to, my name is Mick Meaney, and today I want to share a remarkable piece of software that’s creating waves in the content marketing industry. It is hands-down the most powerful content creation software I’ve ever seen.

But before I show you how to use it, if you want to drive targeted traffic to all your new content, I think you’ll love the free video series I have for you at the end of this video.

Ok, I’m really excited about this software, so let’s go check it out. My affiliate link is in the description.

Now listen, sure, while there are plenty of artificial intelligence content tools out there, this one has predictive scoring.

What that means is, in a nutshell, this will tell you how well your campaign is going to perform, before you publish.

That’s sort of mindblowing, right? So how does that work?

You see, this AI was trained with ad spend worth $250 million, so it can create data-driven copy for you.

So all the guesswork has been done for you.

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