Automated Traffic Method: Double Traffic With Push Notifications

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30,000 visitors a day:

He retired in 180 days:

Imagine if you could easily double your website traffic on autopilot, increase conversions by 30%, boost engagement by 80%, and get instant access to almost 90% of web browsers.

Welcome to, Mick Meaney here, and today you see how push notifications have evolved, and have even become a viable alternative to email marketing.

But first, if you are serious about driving traffic, stick around until the end and I’ll give you a free course on how I got over 30,000 website visitors a day for free.

Ok, so push notifications work like this.

When someone visits your website, they receive a popup that asks them to subscribe to notifications.

They click yes, and then you can send them marketing messages anytime you like. The great thing is, that they don’t even need to be on your website to receive your messages.

Another cool thing is that push notifications don’t demand that users “opt-in” or share their email addresses.

So today I’m going to give you show you some vital stats on why push notifications are a good idea. I’ll give you some strategies on how to get the most from push notifications, and I’ll also share three free plugins that will do the hard work for you.

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Rick Ellwood says:

Thanks for the tutorial Mick, another video I must watch a number of times I think 😉 This looks like an important addition to my sites.

Firoz Khan says:

Thanks sir good information

Martin Liebenberg says:

I am only getting the first video of the free training…I don't get the rest so I don't know what is up with it

Claudia Dee Sims says:

Excellent video Mick! Can you include links to your courses such as Traffic Monthly please in your description? Thank you.

Michael Williams says:

Fantastic information 👍😁

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