Buying to Resell! Antique Shop Purchases To Flip Online! Items With Crazy History!

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Antique shops are a great place to find hidden treasure. The key is paying less than what it’s worth! Here are some really great underpriced items that have an amazing past!


Mairaj Uddin says:

Can we sell from india

Glenda from Australia says:

Love you stories Dingo. Tyler busy in background too 🦜💕🦩

Life with Sharon B says:

I just found your channel and so glad I did. I love hearing stories about thrift/antique finds. I have been collecting for 13 years but specialize in vintage figurines. Thanks for sharing!

Bmore Ben says:

There so many ancient things I love the native American beaded bags came across a few I still have them can't bring myself to sell them

Gaurav Acharya says:

I have old statue of Abraham Lincoln if anyone wants email me on [email protected] i can ship anywhere in any country

Fabienne Montepeque says:

Where are you from? 🙂

Jill N says:

Oldest thing I picked up was probably a First Nation stone celt / axe head

Ashlee Marie says:

Whoever’s idea it was to have your brother just putzing around in the background is brilliant 🤣

tblbaby says:

Buy medium and sell high? Break the mold! Don't breath the dust, or other stuff that's not air.

Julia Julia says:

You are hilarious! And it's amazing you find things that are worth so much! TFS

Joanna Nagubadi says:

I love your videos, thanks! Found a Japanese Wood Block Print in Thrift Store in old crappy frame. It has the Jizuri seal which means the artist struck the block himself, worth 1500 bought it for 4.99!

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