Case Study: How I Turned $15,811 into $908,104

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Want to know how I made $908,104 on a simple content website? In this video, you’ll find out the techniques and strategies that I use to rank, monetize, and flip this site for a significant profit…

Learn all the strategies we used in this case study here:

In this video, you’ll find…

00:00 Introduction
00:16 The Breakdown

02:38 The Purchase

10 Crucial Affiliate SEO Strategies:
04:33 1) The Super Audit
07:07 2) Hire Expert Writers
07:58 3) E-A-T
08:43 4) Content Roll-Out: One Niche At A Time
09:56 5) Interlinking
11:06 6) Smart Link Building
13:30 7) Design Makeover
14:57 8) The Need For Speed
15:22 9) Hardcore Monetization
16:44 10) Prepare For The Sale

17:16 The “600k” Flip

Find out how to optimize your introduction paragraph:

Learn what The Influencer Pitch is and how to master it:

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Matt Diggity says:

Learn all the strategies I used for this case study at:

Matthew Furman says:

You’re a total Boss! Thank

LearnWire says:

is your website theme available for purchase?

GyanPrakash says:

This guy is a Genius 🤗

that guy says:

Your content is fantastic, it’s concise and well presented.

Making Money With Michael says:

Your videos are good… however, it's clear you're a great affiliate/content marketer because you only mention WHAT to do and not HOW to do it (unless we buy something from you) LOL Your videos are great inspiration though 🙂

Burhan Karim says:

This video is a game changer for affiliate blogger. Thanks

Smart Hustlers Club says:

I understand, you are a marketer and dam good one. This is a premium content

Kevinstats says:

That's like $20 a link…I want that =)

Nick Valle II says:

We need to know who writes the script for these videos. Great copywriting throughout! I.e. "next level $h*t most SEOs won't tell you about"

Zakaria Chana says:

1) At 6:30 if the keyword is not on the page, then will adding it improve the ranking? Only once in the body?

2) We find a doctor and add him on our about page, but then won't Google be smart enough to detect that we don't have articles written BY them and stone us?

Forex Business says:

Is your course good for beginners that know nothing

Jes Fink-Jensen says:

Do you have an investment fund? As in, why would I try to learn this skill if I could just invest some money with you? 🙂

Islam Tutul says:

Which theme have you used for this website?

Badrul Mukhairi says:


English Talks says:

I am impressed. How much is the course?

gogle acoount says:

Wow! Great video my guy (just liked and subscribed), I get around 7000 pageviews a month on a 13 month old site, and just joined ezoic, It has 200 articles as of now, and I m thinking of pushing it upto a 1000 articles to get the pageviews upto 50000+ pageviews a month if possible, any advice would b helpful!

Vuon Ai Uku Ra says:


Jon Davis says:

Wow there's a lot of straight value in this video! Makes me realise how much I have to do 😅 cheers Matt

Matt Magana says:

I feel like I can go out there and kick ass SEO style now after watching this. Thanks Matt Diggity!

B Sand says:

Great video matt. You're team is really moving mountains!

Arcane Bear says:

Great work Matt!

Andrew Cole says:

What was the Domain Authority at the start before it got to 60 ? I can see it took you a couple of years to build is this to build it naturally or could it of been done quicker ?

Jake Potts says:

Best video yet Matt! It's so easy to get lost in the details of a project. The 10,000 ft. overview is a great way to see the whole process. Your tip to stop ignoring link outreach emails is gold.

INFP Jeremy says:

I don't normally have to watch a video twice, but when I do, it's always a Diggity video.

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