Complete SEO Course for Beginners: Learn to Rank #1 in Google

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Learn how to do search engine optimization in our complete SEO training course for beginners.

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It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about SEO. This complete end-to-end course was created to help you learn SEO in an easy and systematic way.

This SEO training course will teach you:

► What is SEO and why it is important
► What keywords are
► The basics of how to do keyword research
► How to analyze search intent
► How to check ranking difficulty
► What is on-page SEO
► How to optimize a page for your target keyword
► What is link building and why it is important
► How to build backlinks
► What makes a backlink “high-quality”
► How to do blogger outreach
► What is technical SEO
► Technical SEO best practices

You don’t have to watch multiple videos from different places just to piece together how SEO works.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll understand everything you need to know about the basics of SEO and how to rank #1 in Google. You’ll know how to do the four main aspects of SEO: keyword research, on-page SEO, link building, and technical SEO.

Best of all, you’ll be able to apply your training immediately to your own website and work to rank higher on Google. You’ll understand what it is you need to do to begin getting traffic from organic search month after month.


0:00 Intro
1:25 What is SEO and why it is important
7:54 What are keywords
15:39 How to analyze search intent
19:51 How to find keyword for your site
31:01 What is ranking difficulty
40:28 What is on-page SEO
46:26 How to optimize a page for a target keyword
59:39 What is link building and why it is important
1:04:38 How to get backlinks for your site
1:08:26 What makes a backlink “good”
1:16:23 What are link building tactics for beginners
1:30:50 How to do blogger outreach for backlinks
1:43:28 What is technical SEO and why it’s important
1:51:00 What are technical SEO best practices

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Jason Owens says:

Great Tutorial! What software did you use to make your animated slide presentations?

Kalie J Kargbo says:

You're rocking it.

Salaheddine Hafid says:

Thank you so much for this masterpiece 🙏🏻💯💯💯

NoahGlennCarter says:

thank so much

sultan mia says:

Nice video advice

Olsen Barthelemy says:

Thank you for this wonderful course. I have learned a lot of new stuff.

Trusted Search Marketing says:

We love using Ahrefs for our brands and our clients. Information = Power! Great video for SEO beginners.

Michael Agnew says:

I think you guys have the best tutorials. Excellent tutorial with details. Thank you so much!

Joseph Agada says:

Can you help me out to set my site so it will rank OK Google

Aisha Mont says:

like this man

I aM aLwAys LoOsEr says:

Best SEO tutorial

Beauty FX Nail Spa says:

This was EXCELLANT… New subscriber and look forward to learning more from you. Thank you so much for sharing this information. It is so helpful to small business' like myself that need to have reach, visibility and traffic. Cheers 🙂

Angelova Analyze says:

Not bad> I like it

Jafar Jafarli says:

Thank you for all series. As a beginner I really impressed with your contenr and appreciate you.


Mihle Percy says:

Ur killing it keep it up

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