Content Marketing Strategy for 2022 | Your Ultimate Planning Guide

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Wanna know my ultimate Content Marketing Strategy?

In this video, I will share my own Content Marketing Strategy that built my business to where it is now.

So if you’re interested in knowing how I did it… Then this video is for you! 😉

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SketchWow says:

Great point about Pinterest and YT being search engines which = evergreen content and traffic. It's lame how FB/IG posts get little reach these days. Also, they are quickly buried and forgotten about. Thanks for the reminder to step up our Pin and YT game. ON IT!

ChiA says:

🙏🏼super helpful 🙏🏼

Raiford Palmer says:

Wes, what kind of camera rig do you recommend for high quality video? I'm using iPhone 11 (and sometimes a 12) for my content but want to get that really professional look for YouTube videos and social posts. Thanks!

Raykam Alloys LLP says:

Probably the best channel on YouTube hands down 🙌🏻

Tywin Kalandyk says:

Definitely a great helpful video!

Christian Gutierrez says:

Great Vid Wes! My name is Christian And I'm currently in college studying marketing. I'm reaching out to you because you seem very knowledgable with marketing and business in general. I just wanna know whats your biggest tip when it comes to marketing and starting a business or something. I'd Greatly Appreciate it if you can give me any advice. Thanks.

Stephanie Hobbs says:

Great video!

Jeff Harrison says:

Great video Wes. I really appreciate your honesty and laying this all out so brilliantly

ענבר א says:

Hello Wes, thank you very much for this video.

I have a specific question, that I cant find the answer to anywhere. If you can help me with that, I will be grateful!

I live in a non-English speaking country hat has a lot of English speaking expats, that are my target audience' in my Facebook ads.

when I'm Segmenting the audience for my ads, I would like it to target the English speakers in the city that I work at.

It does have an option: "English Language"- but it appears under: "Interests"- which I understand id referring to the people who are interested in English as a language interest- and not as the language that that person is using for reading and writing comments and posts.

Is that right? is there any other place that i need to check to get my audience?


Brainy Elements LLC says:

Thank you soooo much!

Maxel Brig says:

Great content as always, Wes, but it would have been far more useful/helpful for youngers out there to show the real income, not just percerntage wise, like other youtubers show the income report from YT and other sources, being transparent especially with YT earning will go on to show that is is doable for all young youtubers out there, my opinion, though. Keep up the great work.

JASON says:

Tweeted This. Great Video!

Marc says:

More quality content. Thanks Wes! 🥇

Logan Addis says:

Great video, basically Jab Jab Jab…Right Hook

The ADU Guru says:

What do you think guys, is it useful to promote a blog post on social media?

MIIM collection says:

Thanks for the tips. We're going to try and grow our YouTube channel for our clothing brand 📱💎

ben scott says:

really nice video honest and gets to the nitty gritty

Vibz UK says:

🖖 Content marketing is definitely a way forward for any product of services to further gain exposure online,

most service providers overlook this core fundamentals of marketing, and work on manual promotions, such as focusing on referrals, and engaging with one 2 one conversations to potential clients that may not be interested in their services,

the key here is to provide marketing content that already engages and shows credibility and authority, so that prospects want to do business with you from the get go 👍👍👍

Sutapa Mazumdar says:

Awesome stuff. You indeed make it real. Btw I am not a passive listener when it comes to podcast. Please resume your podcast episode 😉 thank you for this video!

BigDawgAustinDaReseller says:

Thanks Wes! Another Great Video! I hope you make more content towards Google My Business as I'm in the service industry, a handyman.

Chris S. says:

You've just inspired me to start content marketing! Keep up the good videos!

Agustin Galvan says:

Amazing information! Im from Argentina, thank u for all the content

Papa Q says:

Instant Like!

Sewing Incubator says:

@Wes McDowell Just finished the FREE video masterclass and already started implementing the blue print… Thank you for offering so much value! 🤑

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