Easiest Way to Wholesale Your First House?

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Wholesaling real estate isn’t easy but their are some easier ways of getting to your first wholesale deal.

Tap this link https://Dealulator.com to access the these tools I used in this video.

Need a CRM? Tap this link: https://crm.dealulator.com/home?fpr=ty90​

Need to Find Owners: https://Skip2Flip.com

Text2Flip.com – https://text2flip.com

Tap this link https://Dealulator.com to download a free copy of my 1 page contract I’ve used since to 2003.

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Terrance Harris says:

Hello flip I also love in the DMV at the harbor and it’s plenty of homes here and I wanna get started and close my first deal soon

Deb Hall says:

Hi Flipman do you still partner

Wade The Entertainer says:

I’m in Detroit I wanna start asap but how do I get a contract for a house ? Assuming that’s step one

Christine Tufts says:

I'm new listening to you and getting all the info ARV, for sale signs in front of commercial property, for sale by owner, what is the best way to reach owners and empty houses boarded up I believe call the number and talk to whoever answers and be sure they are the right person. Scammers are acting as owner I put earnest money $10 if they are. Do I have info correct. Christine Cleveland Oh.

Daija Smith says:

How do you calculate if a deal is a good one and how much profit you can make

Shalonda Glenn says:

Hi Flip Man!!! Am I limited to contracts only in my state and/or area?

Exavious Wright says:

How do you contracts a n which one is it

Matthew Williams says:

What's a good calculator for adding up the ARV

Joresia Bryant says:

Flipman and his Team is AWESOME!!!

Exclusive Urshero says:

Appreciate you Brother!!!

Just Vybes says:

I don’t remember you saying how to flip your first home.. I guess I t may be the line of questions but I’m on Popstream trial and the listing look old??? can I join yours after not sure I wanna use these.. or waste time. Is it me or the site bootleg

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