Flip a House with $10 | Truth About Pre Foreclosures

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Hard to believe right? But wholesaling real estate is as real as the skin on my face. I’m gonna explain how it works plus the truth about pre-foreclousres and a few other gems.

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Sonya S. says:

Great info! I’ve been trying…unsuccessfully, but trying.


$10.00 make u holla… 🤑

ZAY ZAY Rob says:

Ty so let’s say I’ve got a buyer under contract what do I do next, and how do I get them the contract if I’m wholesaling virtually. I live in NC and we have to use real estate attorneys and I’m having a hard time finding one who will do wholesale deals.

Hakim Hunt says:

How can i get a closing contract

Nynee Gardner says:

Thank you for this informative video, Flip Man! Much appreciated.

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