Free Traffic Sources: 20 Million Visitors Combined (Best of Profit Copilot)

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Today I’ve got the flu so I’m sharing the best of Profit Copilot’s Traffic Tuesday’s free traffic sources.

These sources are from the following days:

26th Sept 2018

27th Sept 2018

1st Oct 2018

4th Oct 2018



I miss one I wrote three of them down. It's in your last video I did not get the link, Hashtags I got. I went back through the video still did not pick up on it.

Sami Fab says:

Love it …. just saw this video and checked out your suggestions. All the sources and methods are still pretty much in play and great for web traffic. Thanks Mick.

Mohan Singh Rawat says:

Well Researched. Thank you

relex waves says:

please, dear bro, I need code invitation of

J T Knehans says:

Thanks – Get well soon

Wolf This says:

Get well soon!

Wolf This says:

So I have to ask, do you use all these too?

Never Wrong says:

Get well soon! Always enjoyed your vids and tips.

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