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Here’s how to get website traffic for free, on autopilot using a WordPress plugin that lets you automatically promote your content across social media networks.

This is Jetpack and it’s one of the most popular WordPress plugins for traffic generation.

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Profit Copilot says:

Get organic traffic for free:

Tom Caldwell Online says:

Mick, If the plugin publishes my blog post to both and will google see this as duplicate content?

24 World Newz Updates says:

Hi bro I am the one how learn from your video but I need more help on my site please how can I reach you private

pixrun says:

Is this paid or

I can use it for free

David Lucas says:

Awesome! Great ideas.

Shahin Shah says:

Jetpack is not good. When we install it. then it reduces the speed of our website. I had a very bad experience of using jetpack.

noman mazhar says:

Help me more in this my email is [email protected]

CMG Web says:

Hey Mick, I've heard from a number of pretty good SEO guys, Jetpack is pretty bloated and a drag on site speed. Your thoughts on this? Thanks for the video!

KILA SAM says:

Thanks mate. I love it.

Make Money Tactics with Andy Rhinoheart. says:

Thanks Mick,as usual I got value. cheers.

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