Free Website Traffic: Pinterest Marketing on Steroids with Rich Pins

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Get the traffic methods I never share on here:

This is how to get free website traffic using a powerful Pinterest marketing strategy.

Today you’re going to learn how to use Rich Pins for traffic generation.

They are free to use and anyone can make them.

You’ll learn how to use a free WordPress plugin that you probably already have, to make your pins stand out on Pinterest.

This marketing strategy is powerful when it’s done right, and everyone who’s using Pinterest for website traffic generation needs to embrace this proven to work technique.

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Amaan Creado says:

Amazing….can you please outline how can this be achieved with old post as I don't see the option in Yoast SEO for Rich Pins for Old post

Amar Ahmed says:

thank you pro

Christel Dialava says:

Hi Mike. I've already turned my Pinterest account into a business one. I do not own a website and I'm selling exclusively on Etsy. Any suggestion on how to generate more traffic from my Pinterest profile to my Etsy shop. Thanks and stay safe 🙂

Keyword Research Tool says:

Right on point.

Sarah presents file coin says:

Hi mick, thanks for the great info however I did all the steps but I did get the video part pop up when I clicked on add new. The page opened normally without that part.i wonder what could it be?

Peter Rose says:

What a fantastic sky!

Bo Perrin says:

This sounds great but I have been told you must have a WP business plan to use plugins. Is there a way around this?

Sami Fab says:

Hey Mick – I can just about make out the process leading to traffic … but I think the value of Rich Pins plus the connection between Yoast, Rich Pins and traffic could benefit from a little more elaboration. You also mentioned the method can be applied to existing/old blog posts. But what if the posts don't have images to pin! I'll try this method though for my upcoming project which lends itself to visual stuff and therefore Pinterest. Many Thanks as always.

Salman farsi says:

Thank you Mick I was looking for something like this……..

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