Furniture Makeover // Flipping Furniture for Profit // Side Hustle 2021

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This was the last piece from the storage unit that we bought to flip. We had a few snags with the design along the way and had to bring out some new tools, but in the end love how it turned out!

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HARDWARE: from Hobby Lobby, sorry no link!

PAINT: Fusion Minerals black coal

Paper and tape dispenser:
Top coat:
Circular saw track:
Orbital sander like what I use:
Mouse sander:
Airless paint sprayer (comparable to mine, which is no longer made):
HVLP paint sprayer set I bought:
Similar HVLP gun:
Air compressor I have for my HVLP gun:
Similar air compressor:

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DIY Wife says:

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Download our free Painting Process PDF when you become an email subscriber!

Love is love says:

Paint machine isn't really painting it's the lazy way

Mario Tizzle says:

Is that called a handheld sander?

Magnus Atom says:

That thing would be at least $1500 at west elm or pottery barn. Where do I buy one for $450??

Lisa3556 says:

Hi there. Did you put primer on the whole thing before you used fusion paint? And then put a topcoat after? Is mineral fusion typically the only paint you use for your projects or is there another kind? What’s the difference between using cabinet paint that I would find at Lowe’s? Thanks

tuurks1 says:

I like how your makita battery was spotless and then the skin was whitewashed 😂 those extra features you added on point!

Marietta Gordon says:

Really beautiful!

Joshcytv C says:

Where did you guys sell it ?

Tino2o9 says:

No primer needed? New to this and would like to paint something well.

janice speiden says:

I remember watching you when I first started watching YouTube. Then the other day I found you again. I was so excited. I love all your work and your husband is so funny. Keep doing your beautiful unique pieces theirs no one like you.

Jay Doe says:

I've seen people put painters tape over the line you are going to cut through to help prevent chipping… And the just take the tape off after. Never tried it myself so don't know first hand if it really helps that much but hey I saw it on some woodworking TV shows when I was a kid so it must be true lol

Kieran C says:

Hey DIY Wife, how much time did you spend flipping this beautiful piece getting it ready to sell and how long did it take to sell?

Bunny Lou says:

What sprayer and setup do y’all use for furniture?

Violetspider says:

i wonder what the guy who made that would say? prob cry

RR L says:

Watching your precious son made me cry. I had 3 little boys who were my side kicks but now they’re grown with families of their own. The best years of my life were when I had my children at home.

Thea Johnston says:

What do you do about taxes ?

Lee says:

Why does she do all of the work and he does the talking.

Emily Krahn says:

It looks very good, I really like the base, the handles and the way the shelves all have that nice wood stain, it looks very good did you put a top coat I'll have to look, could you please show the final product a little longer? it's kind of goes by a little bit too fast thank you.

Inge Laimite says:

What about that aperture in the middle? Doesn't look right to me.

white bia says:

99.8k subs!!! almost a hundred omg!! congrats!! please upload more videos🙏 I always make a marathon on your videos. it just satisfies me so much!🖤

Carlos Vega says:

You did an amazing job with that piece….

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