Get Traffic Fast From Other Websites

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This is how to get traffic fast. Plus how I got 30,000 website visitors every day:

Today weโ€™re going to borrow email lists from 3 or 4 very powerful websites to drive traffic to your affiliate offers, your landing pages, or your website.

Questions to ask email list providers:

Do they have ways of communicating with the list? If not then you need to rent it and upload it to email service provider.

Ask them to filter buyers; only people with a history of purchasing.

Ask them to filter recent activity so you only send to highly engaged subscribers.

Remember to stick to the agreements so donโ€™t get blacklisted. These lists are seeded with tester addresses so they know.

Negotiate the lowest possible test run; ask to do a test run first.

This is the eight module in a free course Iโ€™m uploading to Youtube.

It teaches you how to build an affiliate marketing business, without a website.

Iโ€™ll put the links to the other modules here:

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Part 8: Get traffic fast from other websites

If you want to take Learn 3 new ways to promote your website

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