Get Traffic from Pinterest (New 2021 Method)

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Today you will learn the ultimate way to get traffic from Pinterest. Plus! 30,000 website visitors every day:

This is how you can use Pinterest to promote your website, products, and even affiliate links.

But if you’re looking for an alternative to Pinterest, this might help you:

Today is the sixth module in a free course I’m uploading to Youtube.

Previously, we looked at how to structure an affiliate business, how to find the perfect niche, how to choose the right offers that sell, how to find keywords that get organic traffic, 6 of the best marketing channels to get traffic, and today we’re going to take a deep dive into using Pinterest for traffic generation.

This means you can promote your affiliate links, or your blog, or whatever else you like, for free.

And, I’ll also put a link to all other modules here:

Part 1: Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Part 2: The FAST WAY To Find Your Business Niche

Part 3:
Find Affiliate Products To Promote

Part 4:
Easy Affiliate Keyword Research

Part 5:
Get Traffic to your Affiliate Links

Ok, let’s go to the computer and get started.

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Chhay Sophat says:

If I don't have a website, what should I do ?

Hugh Thomas says:

As always Mike you bring nuggets of knowledge that I want to put into my treasure chest. Going right now to see how I can bring my Pinterest account alive. Thanks

Sam Samo says:

Why is my PIN and Board not showing up on Pinterest search?

I just started my business Pinterest, I wanted to test the results in search, and I searched for the exact long tail keyword / title but not showing that, when I search in all pins, only when I search in my pins show my pins?

Shinobi says:

How long till I get traffic from my blog? 2 days? (Even if it’s only 100)

elev8 says:

Great information! Subscribed.
Q: can you reuse pins in multiple boards?

Jayne Gardiner says:

Thank you young man. I had a whopping 14 views to my website this month!😒 Woohoo

Cassandra Spangler says:

Thank you for the in depth explanation!!! I hope everything is well during the pandemic. Have a wonderful summer!

Chaminda Dissanayaka says:

thanks. how to do country base, and given to add users (ex: 500 users) any free web traffic site?

LoisTN says:

hey friend, amazing video, good job.I really appreciate your ability.Our company is a professional supplier in the Print on Demand industry, owning two factories in the US and China, we support dropshipping and bulk orders, may I know whether there are any chances to cooperate with you?

Ruwan Wlr says:

Great video

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