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This is how to get traffic to your affiliate links, plus get 30,000 website visitors every day:

Deciding on which digital marketing channels to focus on can make or break your business.

So today I’m going to give you 6 of the ways to get traffic to your affiliate offers, that are guaranteed to work.

Here’s the blog version of this

Today is the fifth module in a free course I’m uploading to Youtube.

Previously, we looked at how to structure an affiliate business, how to find the perfect niche, how to choose the right offers that sell, how to find the right keywords to get organic traffic, and today you’re going to learn 6 of the best marketing channels, so you can build an asset and get buyers.

I’ll also put a link to all other modules:

Part 1: Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Part 2: The FAST WAY To Find Your Business Niche

Part 3:
Find Affiliate Products To Promote

Part 4:
Easy Affiliate Keyword Research

But stop press! This course was originally designed to be 5 modules. But thanks to subscriber feedback, I’m extending this free course by another 6 modules.

So today I’ll give you an overview of the marketing channels to use, and then next week we’ll take a deep dive into each of them, so you get a complete digital marketing education.

And here’s another way to get affiliate traffic

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The Affiliate Code says:

WOW. Mick. . This course is brilliant. + the. bonus. extensions. . Recovering from shinny object syndrome and this course is soo brilliant and evergreen !!

Marisa Caruana says:

Lots of good information in this video. Thank you Mick.

Croma Campus says:

Thanks for sharing these traffic methods.

Rickard Österholm says:

Amazing video, Mick! Thanks for extending the course and thanks for all your informative videos. I'm looking forward to them.

Demo Review says:

always s love your videos and do practices day to day life ( affiliate Promotion ) so thank for it , i just want to see any review about medium since now it has become more complicated ( deleted the content automatic )how to use our affiliate link on it many thanks

Mohan Roy says:

Medium don't allow affiliate products nowadays after giving disclosure rules of

Steven Smith says:

Great tips again Mick!

Kowkeesh Skulka says:

Raw gems to last a lifetime yeah…
Mick you an awesome facilitator
Grasping for next video to follow.
Your Alaskan friend

Leung Woo says:

Hey there, Im brand new to viewing and I must say this is by far the best channel Ive seen. It has the least amount of bullshit and thank you…Thats needed in this field apparently. I would like to make a request if possible….Would it be too much trouble to make a step by step video for obtaining traffic using pinterest or youtube? Maybe record the steps and show the results? Thanks

Ikonic Lion Productions says:

Great tutorial. Thanks and take care.

Jucerble says:

I love your videos they provide much value

Corey Hinde | Good Oil Marketing says:

I'm stunned that 2 people gave you thumbs down… what is wrong with these people??

Rex Mckinley says:

Very Cool……..Thanks!

Saad Yasin says:

Very nice information. I a. Looking forward to the detail lectures of each of these modules. Great Job Mick !

Make Money Tactics with Andy Rhinoheart. says:

You are a great teacher Mick, only comparable to the best on affiliate marketing. Cheers.

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