Homepage Design Secrets For a Highly Converting Website

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When it comes to your business website, you want conversions and plenty of ’em. So let’s start with the homepage. I’ll show you when it makes sense to include a lot of persuasive, conversion-focused content directly on your homepage, and when it might make more sense to just funnel people to other pages that might satisfy their unique interests.

I’ll also walk you through the 7 elements of a highly converting homepage design, with plenty of real-world examples along the way.

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Adiyah Bell says:

Implemented what you mentioned in this video conversion rate went from 0.3% to 0.9% in one day! from $600 to $2500 in sales in one day! Thank you Thank you Thank you

Allan Migdal says:

Very informative, thanks for posting!

Market Warrior FX says:

Thank you Wes, you rock brother and have earned my sub, noti on and look forward to polishing up my next website with your tips

Shadi Hamood says:

help a lots man thanks

Sikhulile Nguse says:

Awesome video!

Anupamma Sharmma says:

I really like the suggestion for use of icons and real images. Including the benefits in addition to just the services or products is a sure way of appealing to the mind.

Thanks a lot for your sharing your valuable knowledge. Wish you prosperity!

Sevenblessed says:

What would you reccomend putting in place of you don't have any reviews

Lisa Rogers says:

How do you feel about having a short "video loop" homepage for a construction company showing a current or completed job?

1122 Designs says:

We are working on revamping our website and are looking forward to implementing these tips and the structure.

SeeTheLines says:

Super helpful video. It’s inspiring to see you had 4.1K subscribers 3 years ago to see where you are now! Keep up the great work. This video helped me get clarity for my site

Confident English says:

Went to your site and it's being blocked with this message "We tested this page and blocked content that comes from potentially dangerous or suspicious sites. Allow this content only if you're sure it comes from safe sites." Thought you should know. Thanks again for your content.

Design Zone says:

Remarkable! Thanks 🙂

Flip Buddies says:

Your videos over the last week are the reason I finally published my first website, thank you so much for the value you put out. Loyal subscriber for life.

Drum Tip Tuesday says:

Thank you sir, that was very helpful

Beauty & More says:

Thank u. Really good tips

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