How To Get Into Real Estate Flipping

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Today we’re covering real estate flipping one on one. Flipping has made me lots of money and I’m happy to share with you everything you need to know about it with Jerry Norton, the king of flipping.

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Chris Steele says:

So how do we know what kind and where u want deals. And where do we send info to when we get a deal.

Ben Dunnavant says:

not gonna take financial advice from someone that I can see their knees.. I think that's rule #1

Diego González says:

Im getting excitedly pushed into it… and its because it makes sense and because i understand it…….. soon,… i hope soon

prominent KHMALO says:

thanks guys going to learn this

Phooo 92 says:

Hey kris I’m a 17yr old I’m doing a projects on is college worth it can u give me any idea and tip on this topic

Amit Negi says:

how about real estate in india

Chris Beadles says:

Hey Kris. I want to buy a house and then use the Lease Option to sell it. Should I let the bank know my intentions or just say I want it for myself?

Cristiano Gaspar says:

I live in Portugal. Can i do real estate were like I was in the USA and how can I start in a location where I don't know the market and the prices what would I do first do start invest

Destiny Homes W says:

Nice 👍🏽

Raymond Tongolei says:

Hey Kris thanks for sharing videos with Jerry Norton. I have read Jerry's book on Wholesaling. I look forward to seeing Jerry on more videos with you.

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