How to Make Money Bing Ads – Affiliate Campaign Exposed [Part 1]

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Get $100 in Bing Ads Credits at

In this video I am going explain How to Make Money Bing Ads Style! We will build a list and monetize it!

I love bing ads and I have used them to make money ever since I started affiliate marketing in 2002. If it wasn’t for Bing I would not have made it this far so thanks Bing!

In this video I reference a few tools so please feel free to support my channel if you plan to use them here are my links:

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I also share how to set up microsoft ads conversion tracking, how to set up your squeeze page, how to track and optimize your bing ads campaigns and so much more.

I expose a super cheap niche and I am going to build an email list and monetize it right in front of your eyes! This is part 1 of a series so subscribe to learn how to make money bing ads style…

I am going to set up an Affiliate Campaign and show the ads, the keywords the results and much more. No one does this!

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