How to Make Money with Youtube Shorts Without Making Videos Yourself 2021

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Learn how to make money with YouTube Shorts even if you don’t want to show your face on camera, and without making videos yourself from scratch in 2021. Complete YouTube Shorts Creation and Monetization Tutorial.


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This is a complete step by step YouTube Shorts tutorial. I will show you how to create YouTube Shorts without making your own videos and without showing your face. And then, how to monetize YouTube shorts with affiliate marketing.

First, I will give you an overview so you can understand the power of Shorts. It’s much easier to create a 30-second video than to create a 20-minute video. Yet, these short 30-second videos can easily get you 1,000,000+ views and you can make excellent money with these videos.

Shorts can pretty quickly get you subscribers as well. YouTube shorts watch time doesn’t count towards your 4,000 watch-hours required to get monetized, though. So you need to monetize YouTube Shorts in some other way – and I will show you how to monetize them using Affiliate Links.

*** Step 1*** is to get access to the software called Invideo. You can do it here: ✅ Get your FREE InVideo account (use my link, register the free account. If you later want to upgrade, use coupon CB25 to get 25% off Premium):

You can use the free version of the software, or upgrade. It’s up to you – both methods are totally fine. Upgrading gives you access to many extra benefits such as more footage, and better quality / resolution of videos.

***Step 2*** is to easily auto-create YT Shorts – I will show you how to convert text to videos quickly and produce a great Shorts video fast – as simple as copy and paste.

*** Step 3*** is to upload and optimize your video. I will show you all the cool tricks I use to make sure that my videos get the maximum amount of views.

Hope you enjoy the video!!


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00:00 Intro
03:19 Step 1 – Access Software
06:00 Step 2 – Find Your Niche
09:43 Step 3 – Create Your Video
21:12 Step 4 – Upload & Optimize
28:18 Step 5 – Monetize YouTube Shorts
21:30 Upload & Finalize the Video


Saakaa Valentine says:

Pls how can I ve access to invideo?

Relaxation Music Xplorer says:

can I use fitness shorts in music youtube channel

Healthy Tips Vlog says:

Talk too much

Enjoy Travel says:

Who really need money?

E Bike MTB says:

can i upload like a number of different genres of shorts like soccer and an anime ?

Gloria Hontoria says:

this video is very powerful..thank you…

Relax with damian says:

Hello , thanks once again for this self explanatory video. I have tried all the steps and it looks good , except for the Click Bank i tried to sign up and at the last stage it says your account is blocked.
Please can you clarify on what might be the cause and also please recommend other reliable websites for affiliates. Thanks

Uzair Ahmed says:

Can shorts be monetized without voice over

Karthik says:

Hi bro, thank you so much. Such a beautiful information. I don't have YT. after that I plan to open. If any doubt I will contact. Please do me favour 🙏 நன்றி Thank you 🙏

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God bless you really good for this video

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