How To Promote Affiliate Links FOR FREE: 2022 Updated Method

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Today I will show you how to promote affiliate links for free in 2022. Use this traffic source to get free traffic for affiliate marketing. βœ… Get your FREE Invideo Account:

Here is a brand new way to promote affiliate links and affiliate products, using a near-automated way to generate views, traffic and sales. This is one of my favorite traffic sources and I hope you love it as well.


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Things have changed in 2022, and if you want to make money with affiliate marketing, you need promote your affiliate links. Here is a great method to drive traffic, for free.

Today I am showing you how to use the InVideo software to quickly auto-create awesome, high quality videos, that will pull in traffic passively for years to come.

InVideo makes it insanely easy to create videos very quickly. If you create good videos and upload them to YouTube, you will have a really good chance of getting views to those videos, and ultimately driving traffic to your affiliate links.

With InVideo, you can create a short script, and InVideo will pre-populate a video for you, using Artificial Intelligence. It will even pre-populate some stock videos and stock images into the video for you, so that all you have to do is just make some minor edits at the end of the editing process.

The process for you becomes: choose a good keyword, create a video in a mostly automated way, then publish that video, insert affiliate links into the description. After that, just rinse and repeat and publish more videos.

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