How to Turn Articles into Videos To MAKE MONEY on YOUTUBE

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Here’s how to turn articles into videos to quickly create YouTube videos. You can do this to make money on YouTube by using one of the best article to video converter software which has a free pricing plan.

Creating videos is the hardest part of being a YouTuber. Luckily, there are some excellent tools that can help you to convert an article to a video and save you a ton of time in the process.

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YouTube is huge. It’s a huge opportunity for anyone to make money online. It’s only going to get bigger. So if you’re not yet on YouTube – you should be!

One of the best ways to start making YouTube videos is to use a software that can help you turn articles into videos. And today I want to show you a software that should help you do that.

That software is called InVideo, and you can open a free account using my link (above in description). If you later want to upgrade, you can get 50% off premium plans by using my coupon code CB50.

This software allows you to quickly take an article and to convert it into a video. Basically it takes an article, and creates a rough video draft for you, instantly. It also contains some built-in footage and images which you can very quickly drag-n-drop to further refine the original draft that inVideo creates for you.

This software significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to create a YouTube video. And it will help you to make money on YouTube by speeding up the process of video creation.


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Greg Kononenko
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zumman khan says:

One question is how to more bullet points or SCENES add? Invideo is only 32 SCENES. Can you please tell me What tools I use? Thank you m

Nauman Shabbir says:

How we add voice over

john wick says:

can i use voice over automatic or not allowed on youtube ?

Internet Marketing - MotionFlex says:

16000$ per month? is it possible? really? @Caffeinated Blogger

Calm Muzic says:

Very useful, thanks for detailed explanation

PoliticalNews says:

How about reused content? It will work?

Rushda Fathima says:

What if the same video/template is used by someone else

John Akpotu says:

Thank you so much for this piece of information

Love Quests - Love Advice Channel says:

how about if voice only and not showing the text that from came from the article

pete leaton says:

Hiya enjoying all you're videos and I am very interested to start a channel of my own … Tell me I have a few subjects I want to start is it best to have a different channel for each specific promotion or can I do it from one channel the subjects are going to be diverse … interested in you're feedback thank you . All the best …

Beatrice King says:

YUP, it's funny that Jessica also started commenting on random videos as wellm and now she's raking $650 per week, lol kinda makes me mad since I was the one who told her about Tanashie McStack's website and she's making more than me!

Asaad Sayed says:

How to convert videos into an ebook

TheDTV says:

Did anyone here actually did this and gained traction?

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