How to Wholesale Your 1st House – Step by Step

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We all want the fastest way to get paid wholesaling houses or real estate. Well I’m gonna share with you how that can be done in this 16 minute video.

How to Build a Buyers List Anywhere:

Deal Calculator

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Need to Find Owners: –

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Chris Tian says:

Why would someone deal with a guy off the street instead of a real estate broker?

Cheryl White says:

Hey Hey. Motivated seller Cash Buyer

Anette Atkins says:

Can your house and comp have been build exactly five years from each other like say your house was built in 1980 but your comp was built in 1985 would that work?

chris cox says:

I have my first house under contract and I sent it out to one of my buyers and waiting for an answer , my question is should I have sent it to as many buyer's as possible?

Cozette Byrd says:

What about distressed houses how do you get information on them

david burris says:

Brotha Ty, is there a contract that should be signed between the Two Wholesalers on a Deal?

Mike Jones says:

BOOM 💣👍🏾❗️

drew63215 says:

Question: How long do you give a Real Estate Agent for you to find a Buyer or is it up to them to give you a deadline? Because I'm pretty sure they may be getting other offers and trying to sell asap.

7thDenim says:

If you text him, he will text you back. He will help you make your paper stack.

Cynthia Houston says:

Awesome video, Ty thank you!

Misipati Solaita says:

How to get more information

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