Increase Website Traffic in Minutes: 10 Quick Tactics

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Here are ten quick and super effective tactics you can use TODAY to increase website traffic in minutes, where you can start converting them into customers. These tips cover everything from search engine optimization to creating brand new traffic sources.

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Maria Ngonzi says:

Wow thank you

Pimple Popping Uploads Official says:

Not the obvious clues, good video this. Never judge before watching the full thing.

Shelby Nelson says:

Super great! I just launched my shop and I’m going to incorporate your tips to drive traffic to my site.

Ryan says:

Hi Wes
I have a page and 3 keywords that rank #1 in Google with huge daily traffic, How can drive part of my traffic from that page to my other pages to get a better rank on Google? I mean is it possible to use traffic from one page to another page so google gives a better rank to that page too.

Blane Givens says:

Do you think free web tools are a great way to generate back links through key partners? Not so much ebooks and white sheets, but actual custom built software tools that solve a problem.

Diana Chapin says:

Very helpful, thank you!

Safety Simmons A Toruus company by Julie Simmons says:

You are awesome!!

Serapio Sergiovich says:

Excellent video and quite great graphics SEO changes constantly.

Rents Due Entertainment Co. says:

Great video !

MD Shanto Islam says:

Thank you so much brother,,,, go ahead ,,,and continue this video,,,, I hope you are the best YouTuber.

Redwan Ahmed says:

Awesome video

Ace Vision Treks & Tours says:

Thank you so much for your lovely information. I agree with you.

3loomnet | علوم نت says:

Really so Helpful , my appreciation for the hard work

Teasy Fruitbat says:

The tweet this button! I have been looking for stuff like that!!! Thanks!!

Michael B says:

I see that most YouTube content on this topic is about driving traffic to the site. These tactics works if you’re only about numbers visiting and READING your content.

But what about ROI and going from impression to actual purchase.

Although this has a lot to do with the type of product or services you’re selling: I still find it difficult when your services or product is highly reviewed yet from the 1,000 who click to your website – only a handful (1-5) make a purchase.

In turn you’re now in the negative ROI. And this could create a lot of debt for a business (negative cash flow).

Neha Marwah says:

Thanks sir , please do make a video for what kinda content should be needed or some ideas for a book review sites for teens

Ika Nurwahyuni says:

Cool! so inspiration

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