Inside the $1,800 / Week Couch Flipping Gig

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Inside the $1,800 / Week Couch Flipping Gig

Description: In this video me and my friends @Ethan King attempt the couch flipping side hustle to see if it is truly possible to make $1,800 / week with the hustle. Over a 7 day period we go out and get 3 couches that are flipped for a profit including a free couch we found from Facebook Marketplace. If you guys enjoyed this side hustle video and want to see more, please be sure to drop a like! So much work and effort goes into these videos (2 weeks between shooting and editing). 10,000 likes would be much appreciated! We manifesting those results haha.

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Inspired by Ryan Pineda: COUCH FLIPPING – The Best Side Hustle No One Talks About


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