Kyle Roof DEEP Interview [His BEST SEO Tactics]

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Want to know the tactics the pros are using to rank their sites? In this interview with Kyle Roof, we deep dive into the SEO strategies and techniques he uses that leaves his competition in the dust. This interview is packed with SEO gold nuggets, so you don’t want to miss this…

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What we’ve discussed:
00:00 Introduction
01:15 Kyle’s Origin Story
08:00 How Kyle started SEO
13:43 What SEO looks like for Kyle today
20:35 Compound SEO
28:44 Siloing Technique
37:23 Onsite Optimization
48:57 Technical SEO Issues
53:32 Link Building
58:46 SEO Testing
1:05:13 Benefits of Networking
1:08:38 Chiang Mai

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Matt Diggity says:

Want more juicy SEO tips and tactics? Download the FREE Onsite SEO Guide here:

Tec Timmy says:

Great interview! Lots of nuggets indeed. Thanks, fellas & best of success.

Twitchy says:

As someone who just found out about this market yesterday… wow, so insightful, honest, approachable and digestible. I took so many notes and had several fears dissuaded. Definitely an industry that requires work and a good mindset, and videos like these help make the mindset part a breeze. Cheers!

Jim Nech says:

Southern Comfort is the best whiskey until you massively over do it, get sick, survive the dry heaves and outlive the embarrassment you have from all the things you simply don't remember from the night before.
Just the mention of it in this video made me mildly nauseous!

Preferred Building Contractors says:

How do I know what keywords to use in the silo?

Chris Graham says:

One of the best interviews ive watched about SEO buckets of knowledge, all through experience trial and error.

DayMan says:

Hi there, I'm just dropping by to let you know I started watching Ted Lasso because of you and it's awesome 😀

nmr20067 says:

Excellent interview, Matt. Thank you. Two of the best SEOs in the game gave a lot of nuggets here for free…

Michael Berenis says:

The MetaData / Metallica shirt is epic! 🍔

White Hat Legend says:

What does he mean by "Search Console?" How do you use Search Console to look at competitors' pages and to find traffic in your range?

Sage Campione says:

These guys are worth a listen, they make it sound easy. We know better. Thanks for the great info! Doc Sage

Aces Jiu Jitsu Club says:

GREAT questions and episode guys!!!

123 Bricolage says:

What were the tools in the last question i only knew surfer

Mom Van Up says:

Ok, well I am on day 4 listening to this. This is a lot to get through, but I am learning a lot. I stopped on day 2 and printed that post from Builder Society, day 4 I am researching Carolyn Holtzman. There is a lot to learn, but its also pretty simple. Thank you.
Also, the more I learn about Kyle, I feel like we must have been in the same room in Virginia like dozens of times between high school and college.

Matthias Haltenhof says:

now i want to come back to Chiang Mai even more… thank you guys for this interview!

Lowell C says:

I loved this interview. I am curious why he didn’t say anything about meta descriptions. Perhaps they don’t matter as much anymore? I personally dislike writing them and often don’t due to laziness. Sometimes Google ignores my meta anyway and generates their own description when indexing an article. Maybe I am written them poorly. What are your thoughts?

Priya Florence Shah says:

The India story is hilarious and so typically India! 😂

Aje Oluwaseyi Moses says:

I do not regret spending an hour watching this interview at all

Great job, guys

P:S – Will you ever consider selling a test site of yours? Hahaha

Timothy Arnold says:

Great stuff. Kyle always has a good word.

Steven Buchanan says:

Pfffft Kyle, Michael W. Smith. I got you beat, Color Me Badd in concert. lol

Arinzona Ewuzie says:

Great interview….very informative.

What's the difference between title tag and H1? I thought 🤔 they are the same.

Mass Business Search says:

2 of my favorite people in SEO. Especially Kyle, who I have had the pleasure to chat with at length over the years. Truly a legend after his Rhynoplasty Plano masterpiece.

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