Make Money Today: Passive Income Online For Beginners

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This is the fastest way to make money online TODAY without any investment. Also see how I got over 30,000 website visitors for free:

See how Charles retired in 180 days:

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Here is how to make recurring passive income online for beginners – that will allow you to make money, month after month, on autopilot.

I will walk you through it step by step. And everything is 100% free. I will give you the method for free, and all the tools you need are free to use.

That means you do not need to buy a domain name, you do not need web hosting. You do not need a website or to spend money on sales funnel software. I will show you how to get everything you need for free.

Ok, the method works like this; at its very core, all you have to do is choose the right affiliate offer, and put it in front of people who want it. It’s that simple. And if you can do that, you will make money TODAY.

There are 5 steps to building this passive income system.

1. Find $1 trial / recurring product – think problem / solutions – go super-niche
E.G. Not weight loss, but weight loss for wedding, who + why.
2. Lead magnet – YouTube video
3. Create a 2-page sales funnel
4. Hijack URL
5. Build relationship via email

This literally takes minutes to build.

Rinse and repeat – Imagine if you make 2 funnels a day for the next 30 days.

The tools you are going to need are:

1. A Clickbank account or similar – somewhere to find affiliate offers, OR you can use products you’ve made
2. A sales funnel builder – you can get one for free (link in the description)
3. Access to Youtube
4. Access to Google News or a similar news aggregator
5. And a sniply account – which is also free

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I saw a course on your website, is it still available

David Meyers says:

I love your videos, and consider you my #1 go-to-guy when it comes to traffic knowledge. Most of your services are geared toward DIY, do you offer any Done-For-You services for traffic generation? Thanks!

Thomas Kamenicky says:

Hi Mick
I followed all of your instructions but was a bit confused on the last part that related to emails. I put my email address in and not sure i filled it out correctly'. Received a message that said gmal emails were not allowed

Greg DiBruno says:

Mick…you said it’s ideally better to have your own video so that you can create a call to action right in the video itself.

So…couldn’t you download the video you wanted to use and upload it onto your own channel?

I don’t think I would go this route simply because I want the creator to get the benefits of the share and view. However, couldn’t it still be done that way?

tobagomango says:

Hi Mick, Luv this video and thanks for the great content! A quick question: Are there any issues with using other people’s content as you suggest, in terms of copyright or otherwise?

Rick Ellwood says:

Gem of a lesson on making money online using a method I have not seen before. Thank you Mick

Vijaykumar Jog says:

you are awesome i will definitely visit your website and join

KenSDCA says:

This is a great video, thanks, Mick! I love the idea of no web sites, simple follow ons and $1 offers!

Leo S basebybase7 says:

Hello Mick, I’ve sold a few Clickbank products but not much. I’ve seen a lot of people say that they make a lot of money on click bank I just don’t really know where to advertise those links. I’m glad you’re able to show Facebook groups etc. I need to be more active on Facebook groups I guess. This is a great video much appreciated man.

Bridget Malone says:

Great Video

Robert Seaman says:

Hi Mick
Really great tutorial, easy to follow along with.
When I saw at the beginning that I had the tools necessary, it was a no-brainer to watch the training.
Thanks for the upload..

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