My 2022 Guide For House Flipping

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I’ll teach you the steps to flip a house…

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Before you decide to flip a house, you need to choose your market. I suggest to focus on your local market first, especially if you’re just starting out. How is the supply in the market? If the market has a really high market, your house may not be very high in demand, thus taking longer to sell!

After you’ve researched your market, it would be time to build your team! You need a contractor, a realtor, a title officer, and a lender. Your contractor helps you fix up the house, the realtor will sell the house, your title officer handles the transaction, and the lender will fund the deal! I have used social media as a resource to finding good people! It’s really important that the members of your team understand flipping and wholesaling houses. This will make the process much easier for you and the team.

Then, you need to learn how to evaluate your deals. You need to know your numbers well! You should know your after repair value – or how much it may sell for after you fix it up. Another number you need to know id your repair costs. How much are you going to spend fixing it up?

Step four puts your planning to work! At this point in the process, you need to go out and find a deal! Of the three ways to find a deal, you need to pick the best deal you find. Pursing all three ways would be overwhelming when you’re just starting out, so I suggest pursing one or two strategies.

Then you can go ahead and buy the house! Afterwards, you are able to start renovations with your contractor. You and your contractor should have a plan on how to fix up the house before you even bought it!

After the house is all fixed, you can list it, sell it, and take your profit! Your realtor will be a big help when listing and selling the home. Like your contractor, you and your realtor should have a plan ahead of time regarding how much the house may sell for.

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Aaron Murray says:

Anyone know of any hard money lenders in north Florida?

Tina G says:

All that information you just gave out for free was invaluable.

Mikhail Blinovskov says:

All bla bla! Money talks and your bullsh’t walks. A usual YouTuber who does not make money and just want to sell courses or his talk

Mighty Sikh says:

You don’t need a Coach 😁. Watch more Videos !!!

Josh Caldon says:

It’s even better if you are your own contractor, with your own crew.

Vadim D says:

I’m a contractor and have done A LOT of flips for investors in the Seattle area. I’m wanting to get into it myself. Anyone realtor in Seattle area, reply

Edaivin Peraza says:

Great video, new subscriber

Mighty Sikh says:

Smart man !!✌️

Sergey Shilin says:

How do I become a wholesaler? What licenses do I need ect ect..thank you

Flipping Mastery TV says:


Caitlin Furnell says:

Great video!!! Nevertheless business and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party make it to the oval office..

Angus Wolff says:

THANK YOU RYAN! I started my journey last night. I am based Australia. Do your courses still cater to me if i sign up? Will there be anyone who will be able to understand our markets and ect? Do you have other aussies signed up? Cheers


Just made my neighbor a cash offer for his mobile home it’s a 1995 3bed 1 bath and he accepted it house needs subfloor work in one room and probably full gut bathroom everything else is clean and sturdy so mostly cosmetic
my friend/uncle and I are partnering in on this (he’s one of the few people I don’t mind working with)
After everything is fixed it looks like it’ll 3x value especially because I got a sweet deal
Seller will be moving around June because he’s getting married at 72 y.o.a 😎 so he’s moving in with her so I told him that I’d make his problem now mine 😉 plus it also helped that he had offered it to someone else but they didn’t want it
Besides this deal he also asked me if I’d like to buy his daughters half house …I’m excited for the future and ready for headaches lol

Financial Freedom Made Simple says:

Great content Ryan!

Abhiyaan says:

16y/o me sitting living in my parent's: ummm yes yes investing

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Love the video Ryan

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Plz do the math…

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Ayyy let’s go!!

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