My Top 5 Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing (10,000 Clicks / Month)

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Affiliate marketing doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, with these five traffic sources that I use for free traffic, I almost never spend a penny on paid ads.

Sure, they take a little longer to build up. But isn’t that the nature of free traffic?

And isn’t it worth it when traffic comes in every day for weeks and years after you create the content.

In fact one of these free traffic sources gave my affiliate marketing business an additional 40,000 clicks in less than six months.

That’s a lot of free clicks.

I would pick one traffic source. Master it. Dominate it. Then move on to another.

Free traffic isn’t hard once you learn the algorithms. It’s just math.


Kissofmeditation says:

Making multiple pins for 1 url can have ylur account suspended in pinterest…this used to work couple of years ago..but it no longer works these days

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I haven’t heard of club house


How do you manage to not get blocked from Pinterest, I got blocked for no reason.

I didn't do any thing, please do more Pinterest content

Andrew Bangura says:

Awesome info. Thank you, and have a peaceful day

alemadi1010 says:

You can't use Quora — affiliate links in general are not allowed in Quora because it's a platform not for promotion of such things.

Phumlani Mkhize says:

Can you use these platfoms if you don't have a website?

Android Gamer Channel says:

Who try this steps🙄… Comment me

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One of the best video edit ever I see,, thnx man

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This is what is funny how much do you pay for all this 😂

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Are you ready to spam now lool

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Are you against google ads

Caribbean Hustlers says:

don't usually comment on posts but this video definitely motivated me and I appreciate the no filler/no bs approach, just straight to the point
these kinds of videos deserve the most love on this platform, people who are just genuinely trying to help instead of selling you how to make the cake first before giving you the crumbs.
Thank you 🙌 – Jay 🎭

Multi Purpose says:

But Quora is not allowing me to post links

Shakil hasan says:

Excellent video

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