SEO for Beginners: Rank #1 In Google (FAST)

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This video is a complete SEO for beginners walk through and guide.

So if you’re new to search engine optimization, and want a crash course, this SEO tutorial is for you.

Here are some of the things that I’ll go over in this new video:

First, I’ll show you how to get started with keyword research. It doesn’t matter if you’re an SEO newbie or SEO expert, keyword research is HUGE. And in the beginning of the video you’ll see how to find the right keywords for you.

Then I’ll show you how to create epic content around each of the keywords that you just found. In the old days of SEO, as long as your on-page SEO was in place, you could rank. Not anymore. To rank on the first page of Google today, your content needs to be LEGIT.

Next up, you’ll learn how to optimize your content for users and search engines. This step includes a ton of tactical examples from my experience.

Finally, I show you how to optimize your post for SEO. This is the exact checklist that I use to optimize my own blog content at Backlinko. And it works.

All in all, you’ll have an SEO beginner’s guide that you can use to help rank your site on the first page of Google. Enjoy!

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Jamie Williams says:

This video was jam-packed with so much helpful information! You're awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Maryam Awodele says:

Thank you for the information. My question is even after following all this rules to rank one in google, how many days will it take google to rank a post?

Truth Seeker says:

Dude, I love your content!! Its a game changer. Thank you!!

Bartholomew Melton says:

How do I make my page more relevant?

Abraham Barber says:

What about SMM nowadays? Some issues?

Adam Z says:

We have 2 websites that get great rankings and traffic. We'd like to sell other products thats are similar. Should we add those to our current site(s), or create a seperate website? We're worried about google penalizing our organic search terms for the current products that we sell. Also, would we get penalized for having another unique website with our home address (not ip address) tied to it? We have a total of 6 websites. Thanks for any suggestions!

Barnard Alliso says:

Should I delete bad comments or reviews on social media?

12799MaDeuce says:

Unfortunately this is definitely geared more towards bloggers and feels basically useless for anyone wanting to learn SEO for business pages, etc (anything that doesn't involve "creating content").

sylvie mazerolle says:

What is H1, H2, H3 ?

Joel Morales says:

you gained a subscriber. Thank you

Joseph Thompson says:

i, I did a lot of SEO back in the day which was gruelling, and diversified into other areas of work

Nancy Motley says:

It's really good video bro.

Dc0d3r says:

Keloğlan filimindeki karaktere ne kadarda benziyor😃

Amy Amanda says:

Amazing , easy-seo,org worked

I like some of the transitions, but sometimes they're a bit too much and are seemingly random. Since we use these persistent elements that transition across pages to indicate some kind of relationship between the previous and the next states, some of your transitions confuse me because I can't immediately see what the relationship is.

For example 2:23 of the selectable tiles (which weren't selected) transition into being two switches… does that mean anything? are they related in some way? I see this as random and a bad use of the design language. However, at 1:14 I like the transition from switches to the ticks on a paper, that makes sense to me. Epic presentation tho

Nick Ski says:

Great video man

Matt Moom says:

Great video and advice. Thank you

Aditya Mehta says:

which book u refer to learn SEO from beginning to master in 2022


Awesome, video. Cheers

Jazz Davis Enterprises says:

Thank you so much for this super detailed video! It was short and sweet and I took notes the entire time. Love the content!

RD MEDIA says:

Great video and content. Easy to understand and follow. Thank you!

Juan Torres says:

Literally learned nothing 😭

Jesus Christ is Lord of All says:

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VA - Jose Francisco Montoya says:

Thank you for your simple, yet informative video. Need to watch more….

Tom Atkins says:

Very informative. Thank you

Tracy White says:

Wow, Brian, I can't believe how much I learned from you in just 12.43 minutes. Thanks!

Rosie North says:

Awesome video! Question – creating designs in Canva for content, would this be considered unique images?

Tish Hankerson says:

OMG Brian Dean you are that dude! I hate SEO, but this vid made it interesting. It literally held my attention.

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