SEO in 2022 – 5 SEO Tips You MUST Focus on This Year

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Want the most up-to-date SEO tips for 2022? In this video, you’ll find out the top 5 SEO strategies you need to focus on to get your website ranking in Google. You don’t want to miss out on these tips …

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn:
00:00 Introduction
01:15 Topical Authority
03:55 AI Content
04։55 Engagement
06:53 User Experience
08:33 Backlinks
09:55 Networking

Interview with Koray:
Answer The Public:
SEO Minion:
Keyword Cupid:
Core Web Vitals:
Affiliate SEO Mastermind:

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Matt Diggity says:

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Midship Sport says:

To Master Topical Authority from an e-commerce website, should we create blog posts?

Rishee Kumar says:

Hay but google already denied to using AI Content pls clarify about this

kanukulla dheeraj says:

You nailed it bro 🔥😍😘

Karan Adams says:

Great video. Best I have seen thus far. Do you have a recommendation where I could get some practice done onSEO and Digital Marketing. Do I need to prepare a report on my findings on the search site?

Matt Rusin says:

Wow! Great video. Thanks

Peak Wongcharoen says:

should CLS be than < 0.1 instead ? @7:46

Oliver Townsen says:

How do I make my page more relevant?

JS Stallone says:

can you please make a separate video on links building ? Thanks for this awesome video anyways

Adam Z says:

We have 2 websites that get great rankings and traffic. We'd like to sell other products thats are similar. Should we add those to our current site(s), or create a seperate website? We're worried about google penalizing our organic search terms for the current products that we sell. Also, would we get penalized for having another unique website with our home address (not ip address) tied to it? We have a total of 6 websites. Thanks for any suggestions!

Moses Damon says:

Should I delete bad comments or reviews on social media?

SuccessTalks101 says:

Hey Matt ! you hit the right info on SEO , Thanks! for these techniques and surely , it will help us rank on Google .

Jahanzaib Ahmad says:

Seriously amazing content that highlighted advance tehniques for SEO in 2022 .. Thanks Matt

Hassan Ingram says:

i quit this video on the hot chick typing away in a fake video xD

Sakib Mahmud says:

Tons of new info! Thanks a lot Matt😍

LaDarrell Worf says:

59 seconds in and I paused the video, subscribed, and liked. SIMPLY because you are already keeping it real and not giving me BS from 2018 with a new title.

Repamp Ghana says:

Great success wow that's awesome

Xhino Hoxhallari says:

Hi everyone 👋👋👋 I have a small but still bothering problem which I like to share with you.
I optimized an e-commerce website that sells printers (new and used)
The same tactics were implemented to all the pages I optimized, now the problem is, that all the pages improved their rankings perfectly going from page 5 to page 1 in Google, except 1 page, that nothing changed in the rankings, also fun part is that if you inspect the page you can see the meta description I added but when you see it on SERPs the meta description is just a random selection from the page's text that Google picks.
Does anyone has an idea why this is happening???
Thanks in advance for everyone's help.

Soham Banker says:

One of the best SEO videos I've seen in a while. Makes me wanna jump back into the game with even better mindset. Cheers Matt!

Kaisa Pereira says:


luluvox says:

Excellent vid. Though I could've used a few more seconds of that volume dial. ;D

Philipp Stäuble says:

hey Matt, you summed up so much important stuff in around 10 mins, it is again mind-blowing. Awesome, thank you and talk to you soon.

Martin Zanichelli says:

4:00 NO WAY MATT! That "AI" writes pure fluff and invents content, Matt. I have tested in Jarvis (now Jasper) about the comparison of using 8-d or 8-s nails in a nailing pattern for plywood of grades C and D in veneer sheets (CDX plywood) when sistering floor joists according to the recommended span of the IRC code and the system started to write about how to take care of your floor and SEO and content marketing. USELESS

Martin Zanichelli says:

3:58 That is not AI, that is data mining. They never tested a toaster, they reprocess text that they have processed and output it in a certain way about tests of toasters.

Axial Worldwide says:

Awesome, all the best. 🏅

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