Shopping At a HUGE Antique Mall For Items To Flip On Ebay!

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Today I visited the largest antique store I’ve ever seen! I figured if I looked around long enough, I could find some profitable items to flip on ebay. It was a super fun day and I actually found a few great items!

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Link to frog:

Link to Sparrow dish:



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daniellesdilly says:

"I hate it when people know how much their stuff is worth." – I felt that

Just Jess says:

I'M DYING HAHAHA he says "nope" to the creepy doll..

Connor Sutherland says:

In just a few days from this video covid fucked us all

William Schlemmer says:

As my dog starts howling

Brent Hall says:

5:36 lol~~~

mommymeagan25 says:

A tornado DID hit the building!


Gangelized Treasures says:

Tchotchkes can be worth a lot of money, you may have passed up some profit. That was a beautiful store.

phillip webb says:

Phil from Thailand again. Is there an advantage to selling something online that is not usually advertize? An example, aligator shoes for men, silk underwear for men, an old scrub-board that grand-ma use to use and even original geniune natural semi=precious gemstones from the earth..prices are so low, that one would think they're not real. I have many avenue's open to me with such items and a plethora of other unique things. Just let me know and I will bombard you with many items. If you want the info confidential, then let me know how I can send it to you, mail , email or other sources. By the way, I have a sister, neices and nephews that live in Irmo.

Jessica Karpovich says:

Every time you start singing then randomly state a fact, I start cracking up. Too funny

asterix811 says:

There's an Old Mill Antique Mall near me in NJ

Adam Fittro says:

Lol people know how much their stuff is worth because of people like you telling them on YouTube how much they’re worth, just sayin’ 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Ozarks carguy says:

"I hate when people know what their stuff is worth." Lol

Dont be walking past big cast iron skillets. Cast iron cookware has doubled or tripled in price in last few years. Flipping cast iron is what got me into resell.

CapricornSun82 says:

Lmao. The copper coal scuttle sitting beside the propellor …..I just bought last week from that spot. 😂 this is my favorite place. I can stay in there for like 2 hours

Affen handski says:

Can you give me a link to the Video with the SOLDS of this items? Does it exist?

Affen handski says:

04:30 The background music makes me believe that the bird bowl makes a lot of money.

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