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Still looking for the perfect conversion rate optimization strategy? I’ve got the video for you!

This video will show you the missing piece that will make your paid traffic profitable through one single piece of content. Just one page that will definitely multiply your website conversions.

When you follow the conversion rate optimization tips in this video, you’ll build trust, and provide the mental shift needed to make someone interested in your service or product – resulting in more conversions.

Listen and multiply those conversions and sales today!

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alpegra says:

Every one of your videos is pure gold 🌟 Thanks Wes!

WebFX says:

This is a good way to start building a relationship with your audience. Great video!

Yasir Qureshi says:

Dude you are a total legend

Naweb says:

Love it thanks! Would you mind sharing some copywriting tips in the advertorial?

Javi Peña says:

Great video Wes!!!! Hey, do you think that a pre-sell article would apply to a low ticket digital product ($19) instead of a landing page?

SEO Jiten - Tips to Start Freelancing says:

Clickthrough and engagement is the major points. Even the content is valuable. Thanks for the video.🎉🎉

Punit says:

What mic are you using, btw?

Niranjan Neeru says:

So pre-sell article sounds more like a blog post describing your service and promoting that blog post using ads. will there be a difference in CPC or CPM as we are sending visitors to the blog post instead of using conversion objective in FB ads?

Brady Hubbard says:

Interesting, I’ve never heard of a pre-sell article. I’m going to have to make one for our new hvac duct cleaning service!

Brandnew Show with Tim says:

Great tip. Thanks Wes!

Ruben Fernandez says:

love this! hey Wes do you have content that will help me with homepage layout for conversions? basically homepage structure?
Thanks Luv Ya Content

Xtreme says:

I'm 1st

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