Top 10 Used Items You Can Flip Online For Profit! $$$

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I have compiled a list of 10 relatively common yet highly profitable used items you can flip online for a profit. You’l definitely need to be on the lookout for these high dollar items. I have personally sold some of these myself so I know it’s possible to find them 🙂

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Video Products I Use: – Neewer Ring Light – My studio camera (Canon M50). Try and find it used on eBay – Metal Arm Mount For Canon Camera – Mic for studio use (clips on top of the Canon M50 but can also plug into your phone if that’s what you use to film. A good mic is crucial to creating good quality content) – Logitech Webcam For Livestreams – Microphone for Livestreams – GoPro Hero 7 Black Bundle (How I film at yard sales and thrift stores) – This is how I clip my GoPro to my backpack

Shipping Supplies – Scotty Peeler (set of 2) – Goo Gone Sticker Remover – Clear Polybag Set, 4 sizes, 100 of each size (I use them for clothing stored in bins) – 9×12 Teal Polybags (shipping clothing) – 12×15.5 Polybags (I use these to ship large hoodies and blankets with pirate ship) – 700 feet of bubble wrap (I order this about once every 2 months) – 8x6x4 boxes ( for hats and other first class items) – tape gun (comes with one roll of tape) – Accutek postal scale

Go to to stock up on free USPS Priority shipping supplies.

My favorites are:

1. Priority Shoe Boxes
2. Padded flat rate envelopes
3. Priority mailing tubes

Ebay Photography Set Up – soft box lighting kit – Paper for solid white background (you can also just use multiple pieces of poster board and edit out the seams) – Shoe Tree for getting better shoe pictures.

Other Products I Strongly Recommend: – “Youtube Secrets” this book is a MUST READ if you want to start a channel or improve an existing one.


My ebay store link below! Check it out to see how I list my items or buy something to support the channel 🙂


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M.A.R.S. Disc Golf says:

What’s the story behind your palmetto state hat?

Lotus Bee says:

Great video .

Deborah LaRive says:

I was at a estate sale on the last day of the sale. The lady handed me a bag and said anything I can fit in the bag for $5. I put a $200 juicer in the bag along with some other items. I paid $1.25 for the juicer and sold it for $125 or $150. The lady that bought it did a review and said she used it right away and loves it.

LEAF says:

Cool. I made 7 million on my ebay last year. Hope to hit 10 mil this year

Mr. Top says:

I heard you have to sell an item first before setting up a bank account to get paid, any truth to this

scott Andersen says:

Do you test the disks on consoles or just look to see if it’s scratched?

Ashley Salisbury-Smigiel says:

I had Kuon and Haunting grounds-I thought they were fun games. My uncle stole it and sold it for $20 worth of drugs… ugh!!!

Sam Adamo says:

Gillette fat boy adjustable razors (vintage)

Sam Adamo says:

Spider-Man shattered dimensions.
Sold one recently for 79.
Comps in the 60 to 100 range.

Linux Overdose says:

Old camera's or anything I go by weight. A sign that it's made very well with very good material(the heavier it is). Something my dad taught me and I did very well on this advise. Old electric fans, old metal vacuums, Old radio's etc.

Richard Santillanes says:

Subscribed and liked, super cool

Trasheye says:

My heart broke when he said he never heard of Mario Sunshine

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