Top 13 FREE SEO Tools to Rank #1 on Google

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Are you looking for free SEO tools to use for your website and rank #1 on Google? In this video, you’ll get to know all the tools you can use every day to increase your website rankings.

Keyword Surfer:
SEO Minion:
Detailed SEO:
Google Search Console:
Bing Webmaster Tools:
Screaming Frog:
Answer The Public:
Koray Interview:
Rank Math:
Keyword Hero:
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Matt Diggity says:

Are you interested in paid SEO tools as well? Check out my favorite paid SEO tools here:

Said Ahmed says:

To the point 👉. Another Aawesome video Matt

iFitzone - Health and Performance Studio says:

Matt, Google stopped showing positions. Is this a bug?

Anatolii Ulitovskyi says:

I agree, these tools help website owners to get better rankings on Google and other search engines by analyzing their content and adapting it accordingly.

Martin Heret says:

Very valuable video! Thanks a lot.

Thunder bold says:

Thanks for the valuable video Matt happy to be your subscriber 🔥

Pablo Gutierrez says:

Great video Matt! You mention NLP and I keep seeing it in some SEO tools. Is it really worth it? How does it work? Thanks!

Daniel Andersson says:

Great list, However…. I do miss SEOquake in that list

Abhishek Guleria says:

You're helping me for real. I mean, you are teaching and leaking inside secrets. This is one of the best channels for learning SEO or digital marketing.

Kali tech says:

Nice teacher

Pratik Ambukar says:

Hii, please check that "are you also suffering from traffic drop of FAQ rich results from last month" please check.

Andrew Fiore says:

Awesome video thanks Matt!

BestOnes says:

Congrats on completing 50k Sub

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