Topical Authority Changes the Game – Interview with Koray Tugberk

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No backlinks! Let’s get to know how this SEO grew a site from nothing to 300k of organic traffic in just 5 months just by using Topical Authority and Semantic SEO!

Koray Tugberk is the SEO behind one of the best case studies I’ve ever read! Let’s get to know him, his thesis, and why his strategies challenge the typical SEO knowledge that many people take for granted…

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Read Koray’s case study:

Here’s what we cover:

00:00 Introduction
01:27 How are you liking agency life?
03:25 How many clients do you have?
04:20 Tell me a bit about your background (education, previous work, etc)
04:59 Sharing how he got into SEO

**All About Koray’s Topical Authority Thesis**
08:34 High-level overview of the thesis
11:36 A little bit about the results
15:32 Is avoiding building backlinks part of the strategy?
16:34 Would you say that the topical authority strategy works in any niche?

**Topical Map**
18:37 What is a topical map and why is it so important?
22:03 How would a beginner start to make a topical map (tools, defining the subcategories, etc)?
25:17 Do you think this can be automated in any way?
27:34 Why bother writing a page or article for something that’s got 0 search volume?
33:03 The potential drawback of this strategy
36:47 Topical Authority and Topical Mapping in simple terms
38:57 What kind of investment is typical in these types of projects?
40:29 How impactful is the competition to the topical map?
41:37 What kind of companies typically hire you and can you speak to your fees?
44:24 Your top 3 tips for your authors
47:02 Your advice to SEOs that are trying to find good writers

**Team Structure**
48:28 What does your team look like?

50:00 How do you determine whether one page should link to another page on your site?
52:46 A tool you advise that can guide and sort entities together
54:56 Any more interlinking rules that you follow?

**Link Building**
58:04 Do you build links and what kind of link do you build?

1:01:35 Would you try topical authority in some of the most backlink heavy niches (like CBD or casino)?
1:03:01 Your first three steps for someone to get started with this approach?

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Matt Diggity says:

Do you have any questions for Koray Tugberk about his Topical Authority Case Study? Share it away and let him know here in the comments!

Atma says:

I am looking for an SEO consultant can you help me to find one.

Tsetsi says:

Is he from Uzbekistan or Iran?

Marc Muhammad says:

This may aswell be a Masterclass on BERT, I've read his casestudies over the last year, but this interview speaks to the level of his profound intelligence, he can pitch and catch with great ease 🧑‍🎓

Peace To All says:

Loved the info. Thanks for this.

Neil Reardon says:

Koray is so good he's sitting in his bedroom. Does anyone believe this bs?

Let's Go Brandon Green Podcast says:

what are your thougts about that Dean guy, when you interviewed him and asked him about Topical Authority, he didn't really agree with it? but it's clearly a thing. Just goes to show how big and confusing SEO is I guess.

Kenzie Gunn says:

Thanks so much for this!

Susan Johnson says:

Matt 'Protein' Diggity.

Volkan Cansız says:

This episode is undoubtedly amazing… Koray has comprehensive information about this topic.. we should learn more from him…

Br4sil says:

This is where things are taken to another level.

I'm still a baby in this topic.

I'm sticking round here to keep on learning more.

Keep it up, mate.

Comp Sci Central says:

This is such amazing content. Thank you both for creating this and putting this info out there.

Skill F says:

Thanks for the interview, Matt what's that tattoo on your right hand?

Fishing Lido Key says:

Interesting, but really not apples to apples, IMO. If you can't show that this is successful in the markets that actually produce revenue, what good is it? Also, as Matt kinda alluded to, you can probably get the same traffic with 1/10 the posts if you target the right keywords.

Inspire You UP™ says:

Koray babaaa partı kur oy verelim

Desislava Angelova says:

Hey Matt! I want that T-shirt !!!

No Name says:

I'm going to listen to this 10 times in the next 10 days so it's burned into my brain.

No Name says:

Wow what an amazing interview.

Tazzi Guitar says:

ok? what was new here?

25 26 says:

puhahahaha you met another akcomar from puny dictator erdogan's middle east swamp turkey 😀

Lin Zx says:

39:43 My man said it right here, length doesn't matter

Madhan Rock says:

It's a great and True with nlp and semantic seo, silo structure and a good number of articles and guest posting we can rank easily. Low competition keywords we have to choose that's the main thing.

ubaid ur Rahman says:

Thank you so much for this can you tell me in silo structure is it important to show category url like siteurl/category/posturl or how if we didn’t show category url in slug and just do simple sitename/posturl and then in map we interlink perfectly according to the map so will this work or not ?? which method is good??

nivas dhina says:

Is there any way we can stop google from listing our site for a particular keyword?

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