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Mcmaneyprofitcopilot.Com, and let me ask you something: okay, so have you ever wondered how some websites, businesses and even people just seem to spring up out of nowhere and suddenly they’re everywhere right? It’S like the marketing has suddenly gone into overdrive and everybody’s talking about them, and it’s like they’re, making lots of money hand over fist, it’s confusing right.

Free website traffic

Well, that is rarely look. It’S almost always engineered and there’s actually a few key components that go into making this kind of marketing happen. Now, okay, i’ve been in digital marketing since 1998, and okay, that’s more than 23 years, and personally speaking as an introvert, i find that kind of attention.

Quite frankly, a little bit terrifying, but thankfully the strategy that i’m sharing today will allow you to decide how much attention you would like to receive. Now most of my clients do want as much traffic as they can get.

So this is really up to you. So today i am going to share a proven market marketing strategy that guarantees a boatload of free publicity. I’M going to give you four powerful traffic sources that can send millions of visitors to your website and i bet you’ve never heard of some of them.

You see this is how it works right now there are thousands of bloggers, journalists influencers, you know, high-level, high-level people who are desperately seeking someone like you to introduce to their audiences.

So these four traffic sources will enable you to connect with those people, so you can promote your website and drive large volumes of targeted traffic for free and listen. This can also be outsourced or handed over to your virtual assistant, but first, if you want to get traffic faster than seo and without spending any money on advertising hang around until the end watch this entire video and you will get a free bonus course that will Show you how i got over 30 000 website visitors every day for free okay.

So let’s go to the first traffic source, this one you may be familiar with. I have covered it before help a reporter dot com. This allows journalists to connect with sources. So as a marketer as someone who wants traffic, you will be a source now, the flip side of that is, if you want to get content made.

This is a really good way to get experts to come onto your blog or your youtube channel or your social media profiles and talk to them and interview them and use them as a source of content. But, however, if you just want to drive traffic, then go to the sources section, it’s going to tell you all the blurbs going to tell you what this website can do for you, there’s over 800 000 users already on the service connecting with journalists, and you get At least a couple of emails every day, this is what the emails look like: it’s broken down by different industries, so you just go to the niche or the industry that resonates with.

You find a question that you can answer then reach out to that journalist with your answer and start the process of building a relationship with these journalists. So, for example, if i’m a social media marketer – and i want to drive traffic to my social media marketing website, then i could click on this question.

It will take me down to the questions down here. It’S going to give you some extra information about what the query really is, what the requirements are and then how to get in touch with the journalists who ask the question.

So it’s very simple to use. There’S lots of opportunities here. You know literally hundreds of opportunities. Every single day, so that’s help a reporter dot com. Let’S move on to the next one, which i literally just joined very very recently, it’s quoted, but it’s spelt q-w-o-t-e-d dot-com.

Now here’s the thing when you land on this site, it’s going to ask you to sign up, so you want to go with i’m an expert, i’m a source. Then you can sign up with twitter or create an account manually now.

This will try to upsell you to a monthly package of around seven hundred dollars. You don’t need that if you just want to drive traffic, you don’t need to sign up for that, because i know what i’m going to get in the comments is mick.

Why are you recommending such an expensive service? I can’t afford to to invest 750 dollars in into a website every single month. I’M not saying that there is a free option here. I’Ve signed up for free.

Let me show you what the free account looks like and there you can see. I’M listed as an expert on digital marketing, internet marketing and online business. It’S got a good profile pic there and it’s got all my information here and this will even pull in my latest youtube video.

So it’s sending traffic that way as well. So once you’re listed as an expert journalists can reach out to you, ask for uh your information, you can pitch to them as well. If you see something of relevance to you, it’s even gonna make recommendations to you here so suggested report.

Reporters excuse me so i can reach out to this chap and say: listen, i’m an expert in the areas that you cover. How about we. We start a dialogue, one of the most powerful ways to use this is go to source requests, type in a keyword, an industry or a niche here.

So i could type in marketing and i will see what journalists are asking for. The publications that are being represented here and listen there are some massive websites on board with this platform, so you have enormous opportunity here to drive large volumes of traffic for free, so this platform is called quoted.

com spell a little bit funny. So it’s q, w o t e d q, w t dot-com, let’s move on to the next one, which is sourcebottle.com claims. The media wants your stories and this is where they look again. This is a free platform.

Everything i’m showing you today is free to use. We don’t have to spend a penny on anything, so let’s go ahead and log in what this is going to do is send you emails in a very similar way to harrow, so we scroll down and we choose the industries of the the areas of the topics Of interest, so when you first sign up, this is going to be all filled out.

I strongly recommend you uncheck. Most of these just focus on the areas that you are most interested in the areas that you are most qualified to answer. Questions on choose your countries of interest and your time zones as well.

You can also manage your email preferences or you can completely unsubscribe from these emails if they get too much so that is sourcebottle.com and then the next one that i’ve got for. You is called press plugs, dot, co, dot, uk.

This is kind of like a british alternative to harrow. I would guess now it’s going to ask you to upgrade to one of these. You don’t need to do that. You can use it for free and you do have to go through manual approval for this, so bear that in mind, but you will start receiving these kind of emails check this out.

So it’s going to send you these emails pretty much straightaway when a new opportunity arises, so when it thinks that you’re you can answer a question or deal with a journalist. It’S going to email, you bear in mind, bear in mind the frequency can be pretty intense.

So handle this one with with caution, i’m including this here, because possibly some of the other sources that i’ve mentioned today might not be quite right for you so use this one kind of as as a last resort.

I am including it because it is an option, but personally for me, i think the other sources i’ve shared today are much better, but you know you decide what is right for your business, so that is presspluggs.

co.uk, but no matter what you choose to do with this Strategy or any other marketing strategy, you have to be consistent, because when you are consistent, you can achieve amazing results. Take a look at what matt has done.

Matt is one of my students he’s made over two million dollars with my traffic methods and if you want to know the secret and you are serious about growing – a popular and profitable internet business and of course you need more traffic right traffic equals money.

So i’m going to give you the secret traffic methods that i never share anywhere else for free when you go to profitcopilot.com traffic click, the link in the description or the thumbnail on screen now.

Okay, thank you for watching hope. You’Ve enjoyed today’s video, see you again very soon. Take care guys.



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