Unlimited Web Traffic From Google News

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How I got 30,000 visitors a day for free:


How he retired in 180 days:

This is how I got millions of website visitors for free, with Google News.

Yesterday I asked a segment of my subscribers if they wanted to learn how to get traffic from Google News.

The response has been very positive so here is how to do it.

But before we get into that, if you want all the traffic you can handle, stick around until the end and I will give you a free 4 day traffic intensive course.

Ok, so let’s get this out of they way immediately. I know there are dozens of courses being sold for for hundreds of dollars, making all kinds of crazy claims on how to get your website indexed in Google News.

But the thing is, getting into Google News is not easy. In fact, it’s really difficult. I’ve had my own websites rejected multiple times before I got in.

And it was through this trial and error process that I figured it out.

So if you don’t succeed the first time, that’s ok. You can apply as many times as you want to. And I encourage you keep going with this, because the rewards are enormous.

And I know one of you watching this video will absolutely go for it, and achieve amazing levels of success as a result. And I want it to be you.

Ok here’s what I’m going to cover today:

1. Benefits of Google News
2. Types of content accepted
3. Action steps to getting your site prepared
4. The Google News algorithm
5. What do to if you’re not accepted

Let’s go to the computer and take a look at what Google News is, and how it works, so you can decide for yourself if this is the right traffic source for you.

Create a news sitemap

Publisher center

Google Search Console

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Will Blesch says:

Yep. Great video, Mick! It would be great if you made a video on user generated content for Google News submissions, as you mentioned in this video.

mahmood Jimaa says:

the problem of "no content detected" on google publisher center seems to be non ending , I have tried everything to solve it but , nothing works !!??

Partha Gupta says:

Excellent video. Do curated content sites get accepted in Google news.?

Laura Díaz says:

Thanks Mick! Good stuff! I was just wondering a few of things: do the articles that they expect to see newsworthy? Or is it ok if you are trying to build an authority website with lots of evergreen content? Is it ok if you have articles with affiliate links or do they frown upon that? And finally if you have a pop up asking people to subscribe to your newsletter or offering a freebie in exchange of their email address, do you think that is a problem to get accepted? Thanks again, I know it is a lot of doubts!!

Daily Dose of Internet says:

Mick can this traffic work for a sports store?

Shakil Ahmmed says:

You are just awesome ❤️🎖️

Darryl Gebien says:

Yes please! Please make a video on user generated content for Google News submissions. Ty Mick!


Sir you are great 😊

Bruce Mason says:

Thanks Mick! Great video!!!

Inner Circle says:

Love your work Mick.

Rohit Joshi says:

hi meak..u r awesome..
i don't have a domain..
so, Pl tell me that can i write articles on google sites (i mean their easy landing page) and then follow the process u showed here…

Ikechukwu Njoku says:

Yes. I want

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