Vintage Dollhouse Furniture Worth BIG Money Minatures Sell BIG on eBay

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These small pieces are worth big money, see which types are selling for the most money so you can find them yourself to collect or resell on eBay! To “tip” me you can buy me a coffee here


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The Nurse Flipper says:

Watch more research videos here NOW >

Sheila Eskridge says:

I’m loving these big sales videos! I’ve been selling 9 years and am learning so much! Thank you for taking the time away from your business to share this research knowledge. I know it takes time doing this! I’m kicking myself that I didn’t purchase several tiny pottery jugs at an estate sale yesterday. I looked at them and passed them by! Not again! Thanks again!

jjandj says:

About 6 years ago, I found a small box with all kinds of very old dollhouse miniatures, including 4 ornate chandeliers. I paid 50 plus auction fees. There were tiny food items, cutlery, all kinds of tiny things. The most expensive chandelier sold for over 400. Not too many of those finds around! This was a fun video!

jojo90 S says:

Thanks for the video and information 😀

Nita McClanahan says:

I so appreciate your sharing these videos. I'm thinking I am under pricing my miniatures in my booth. I had not considered they might have been dollhouse miniatures. Thanks again.!!

sissy kim says:

I used to collect this stuff and have, somewhere, one of those dollhouses that has not been put together. I was looking up the dishes and furniture one night and was surprised at how much they sold for. People take this stuff seriously.

Susan Wise says:

Love. Love. Love your videos!!! I learn so much from you. Also, now I’m REALLY bummed out cause I passed on a miniature Royal Doulton tea service at an auction b/c I didn’t think it would resell. Someone picked it up for nothing. Note to self: continue to grow your knowledge to be successful 🎯

Melissa Anglin says:

I love these videos. I haven't come across doll furniture yet but will be more aware when sourcing now.

Patricia Feaster says:

Amazing or shocking prices. I can’t decide which.

Catie Jackson says:

New drinking game alert! Everytime Kat says Teenie Tiny and holds her fingers up in awe 🤣 Too cute.
Thanks for all the great research videos Kat !

Jeep Wiz says:

H Kat I think I will try to make the broom. I wonder if sometimed prices go high if someone was replacing something that they broke of there Mother's.

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