Website Traffic Generator Method Gets 50,000 Visitors in 2 weeks

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➡️ Ways to generate website traffic:


This is the ultimate website traffic generator. In my experiment it got 50,000 unique visitors in 2 weeks to a brand new website.

Today you will learn:

A new website traffic method
See results from a new traffic experiment
That gets laser-targeted traffic
And powerful backlinks
From a single article
Mostly made of curated content
Establishes you as authority figure

Why listen to me?

Digital marketing for 20+ years
Full time self-employed online since 2004
Hobby got 4 million visitors a month
Profit Copilot shares what’s working

The strategy part 1:

Find “critical niche-relevant” information, stats, data, & quotes
Curated from multiple sources
Google News & BuzzSumo
Create a high-impact article
Reference the sources
Write a strong headline
Trigger emotion

The strategy part 2:

Contact, tag, tweet, email, phone all sources used
List all niche-relevant sites
Find sites who links to them (Moz Link Explorer)
Submit the article
Use boolean search strings
Niche + submit news
Niche + submit url
Niche + article submission
Your is site credited as the source
Get powerful backlinks
Post on social media
Monitor results & do more

Now you can generate traffic to your website anytime you like.

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Profit Copilot says:

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Will you be using this method to generate traffic to your website?

Charlie Williams says:

Nice video, I'll execute this strategy tomorrow. Lets see

William Chidube says:

Without even finishing the video I can see that this is a really really powerful strategy.

prashansa weerasinghe says:

web traffic

prince affum says:

I'm working for a news site can this work for me.

Kenneth MacLennan says:

Excellent video, and it's truly the most realistic way of getting traffic to websites and offers, very well explained and demonstrated..

ranjan pandey says:

Great strategy, but I have a question, please. Do I insert the link of my blog somewhere in the article that I submit as discussed by you?

Sami Fab says:

Mick! Another great technique. This is sooo good, I think we ought to give it a name of its own … Copilot Raider … Profit Copilot Ambush … (Copilot) Total Takeover … !? … may I suggest you run a competition, directing people to view this vid and suggest a name in the comments 😉 … the one with the most upvotes wins … and maybe, gets a 15-minute consultation with you as the prize … other top 10 participants get the option to pay for a consultation with you. Just a thought 🙂

Pinkcoolkid says:

Hello! I’m getting back into blogging. Would this be useful to do a few months ahead of time? I’m trying to write blogs ahead of time and then post them biweekly. All of what you said sounded confusing but I’m sure after I watch enough of your videos, I’ll get there. Thanks for sharing.

Vanessa Arundel says:

I didn't understand this

documents says:

what is the extension used for showing the cpc and keywods on google , thank you

LUNVA says:

Great video Mick! Are the webmasters that publish your article not concerned about publishing duplicate content? And, if they are, how do you handle their concerns? By the way, do you simply give them a link to the article on your site for them to copy the article or do you email it to them?

Rick Ellwood says:

Hi , Mick , brilliant breakdown of the traffic method that you have shared (I don't think I've seen anyone else who is a marketer online share this sort of info) but can I ask if your experimental site used a SSL on the domain or just a plain http URL?

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